Free Weekly Horoscope

Aries: The week begins on a happy note with fun and frolic in your personal life and success in your professional life. Personally as well as professionally this week is a mixed bag. Your financials may go up and down, but your income will flow in steadily. Health wise it will do you good to take good care of yourself and to exercise a little. Sweat a little; there is no harm in it. The end of the week may not treat you very well, but you’ll be able to pull through like you always do. Keep your chin up!

Taurus: Oh what a wonderful week! Happiness, health, success — you name it, and it’s yours. Of course there it isn’t all rosy and minor troubles will keep cropping up but with your headstrong attitude you will be able to take care of everything. Do not disclose secrets to everyone that you consider a friend though, not everyone is what they claim to be; better to be safe than sorry, right?! Be yourself and don’t let the hurt get to you and you’ll breeze through the week!

Gemini: Oh this week is such a mixed one! Your health will be down but then instantly you’ll be roaring to go too, you will feel depressed and then suddenly happy — such an extreme week. The good news is that your work will run smoothly, you will have a number of opportunities for wealth accumulation, and mostly your family life will remain stable. The sort of bad news is that you may end up incurring monetary losses, so it is advisable that you keep a tab on your spending’s.

Cancer: Too many emotions come out to play this week.  Arguments will be had, love will be shared, prosperity will loom in sight, and excellent health will greet you. You will basically have a great week, just keep a check on yourself and don’t get distracted easily. With the support of your friends and family you will be able to whisk through any difficult situations that this week may present in front of you. Lady luck won’t hurt one bit either!

Leo: The week begins on a wonderful note with your enthusiasm and positivity driving you. You will have a great time at work and at home. Your personal life will run smoothly, hardly any hitches to take care of. Try to avoid being too stubborn though as that may drag you down. Work will be fine, steady profits will be made. The only problem area this week will be your health which may fluctuate from minor headaches to full blown infections, be advised and take precautions.

Virgo: The week begins on a sullen note with arguments cropping up and worries clouding your head. Personally as well as professionally this week is somewhat of a downer; your financials are bound to take a hit as much as your personal life is. Not to say that it will all be bad; situations will improve over the course of the week with your hard-work. A little bit of stress never hurt anyone; as long as you keep things under control you will be able to finally have an enjoyable weekend. 

Libra: Oh what a week for you, Libra! Your luck is roaring to go and so are you. With your drive and energy you will be able to achieve every single one of your goals. Happiness and health will be yours. At work your superiors will be quite impressed with your performance. You may be a little put off by the way your friends may behave but being you, you will take it in your stride and move on ahead. You are after all balanced and that will ensure that your head is cleared up of all and any doubts. Be patient and fearless. 

Scorpio: It’s time to put the game face on! This week demands you to work hard to achieve success. Do not let yourself be distracted, losing focus will result in nasty consequences career wise. Keep a check on your expenses too; money doesn’t grow on trees after all. Happiness will be yours, but you will have to work for it. This isn’t fun and games week. For your social status to rise and to make certain that you are respected you will have to work with dedication. Fame and name will take you a long way.

Sagittarius: This week sure trumps the last one! Wealth, name, and fame – everything will be yours this week. Even your health will be excellent. You won’t be left with want of anything. Lady luck shall ensure you have a good time and your reputation will soar. Good news will abound and success will be yours. Some minor tiffs may happen during the week, but you will brush them off with ease. With your wit and charm you will make sure that your weekend is spent in luxury.

Capricorn: The week begins on a good note. Your hard-work will be noticed, and you will be adequately rewarded for it. Your health may fluctuate throughout the week, but it is not something to worry about a lot. Do be careful of whom you reveal your secrets to, not everyone is trustworthy despite what they say. Keep a tab on your expenses and do not over indulge. You will be able to have an enjoyable weekend after all the hard-work you put into this week.

Aquarius: The week begins on a sullen note with arguments cropping up and worries clouding your head. Personally as well as professionally this week is somewhat of a downer; your financials are bound to take a hit as much as your personal life is. You may be able to salvage the week with your positivity and charm,but nothing is set in stone. Ease into situations and do not try to take control of everything. Let things flow and enjoy the moment instead of planning for tomorrow.

Pisces: Personally this week is not that great – you will be annoyed with your children and may even have arguments with your life partner. On the work front, you are bound to have important responsibilities put upon you r deserving shoulders. You will have the respect of your peers.  Unnecessary travelling is on the cards for you. Headaches may be a constant this week because of all the work you do. Try to unwind a little; all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy after all!