Sunday, 28 April 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

Think twice before speaking or writing mails and as far as feasible avoid bringing up delicate subjects for discussion unless there is an immediate need for such discussions. Trips for sentimental/religious reasons may not pan out as per your expectations, and it may be better to postpone such trips to the later part of this month. However, you may still need to undertake short trips to handle some practical issues or may need to initiate some new project/ idea during this week itself on the professional front.

There could be problems in negotiation settings, document finalization, etc. Weird or unexpected developments are possible on the health-front. These could be potential irritants though not necessarily too threatening. Romantic luck is just average. 29th, 30th of April, and 1st and 2nd of May are good days.

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

Tension caused by unshared feelings, blocks your aspirations, delays that are not entirely caused by your shortcomings, inappropriate timing of projects causing hassles, and domestic misunderstandings can make you feel ruffled. Advancement during this period is not impossible – but riddled with difficulties. The opposition between Mars – the ruler of your career house and Saturn located in your house of career could mark a crisis moment at work, a tough collision with associates or superiors, or the necessity of making unpleasant choices.

If you remain focused, and take practical decisions in tune with the needs dictated by developments from time to time you will do reasonably well. 29th and 30th of April are the best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

Though lot of planets are activating your solar 5th house – the indicator of intrinsic joy and romantic bliss, you won’t really feel as carefree or happy as expected due to the sensitive opposition of these planets with Saturn in your solar 11th house. Mercury – the ruler of your solar 6th house moving into your solar 5th house indicates obstacles in romantic matters and also an increase in general stress/ tension in your life situation.

You must avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary risks as far as feasible during this sensitive period. If you put other things before your own health, you will find that your vitality will give up on your during critical periods. Take care of yourself and be careful regarding your decisions this week.

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

Your success during this week can be tied to your ability to organize yourself effectively and efficiently. As many planets are concentrated on your solar 6th house, there is increased chance of obstacles/ conflicts in your interactions with others. However, if you are disciplined in your approach, patient in your handling of conflicts, and tactful in your dealings, you can still do well. In financial matters, you must avoid the temptations to make fast-money.

Avoid lending/ borrowing large sums during this sensitive phase. Health of a loved one may need your attention and generally romantic luck is just average. In career matters too, the results won’t be in tune with your expectations. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of May are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

Due to the stallion of planets in the 7th house being in opposition to Saturn during this week, there is risk of conflict in relationships – both professional and personal. If you are facing competitive situations this week, it is imperative that you prepare well and give it your best as planetary energies are not entirely harmonious or supportive to you. You must avoid impulsive decisions regarding marriage or professional partnerships. Do not enter into a relationship or break an existing tie in haste.

If you are in stable relationships, you must take special care to avoid speaking explosively as it might damage the harmony of the relationship. It will be prudent to avoid new relationships altogether for the time-being. 29th, 30th of April, and 1st of May are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Libra (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

Things continue to be plain and not too exciting – the need to handle routines perfectly and to attend to practicalities overruling impulses towards more adventurous pursuits. Mercury moving into your solar 8th house on May 1st further augments this influence. Things will brighten up later on this month –but for the time-being you need to be content with keeping the wheels moving by attending to the practicalities.

On a positive note, this is a good period for settling ancestral property matters and for discussing joint finances. Security and stability will count more than anything else in romantic matters. This is a time when you must try to establish yourself at current levels so that you can launch your conquests from this level later on. 3rd, 4th, and 5th are best dates.

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

Experimentation, exploration, and entertainment will be the focus of planetary energies this week. However, as the stelium in your solar 9th house forms dissonant aspect with Neptune in the 7th house, this will be an active period with potential for big success and improvement, BUT scattered with pitfalls caused by delusions/ misunderstandings. Whether you will be successful or not depends to a great degree on whether you manage to side-step the pitfalls.

Avoid making grand promises in a moment of exhilaration, and be judiciously sceptical about grand promises made to you by others. This is not the best of times to begin a new relationship, and in existing relationships you must keep communication clear and unambiguous. Money will come easily – but you must be careful about how to spend it!

Weekly Predictions... Leo (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

The focus of planetary energies continues to be the career sector of your life – just like the previous week. The entry of Mercury into your solar 10th house adds further flavor to that theme. You will be aware of what you should do to attain what you seek in your life. The only pitfall you must avoid during this phase is the impulse to get impatient with others in your team who may not be able to keep pace with what you expect.

It is better to work around the deficiencies of others rather than waste everyone’s energy by an unproductive conflict. The focus of the energies is so much on career front that you are likely to plan every other thing in your life around that only! A productive week is on the cards.

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

You may feel strong urge to socialize with existing friends, getting in touch with those who have not contacted your recently, and to establish new friendships. In career matters too, collaborative ventures will be luckier for you than projects that emphasize individuality and necessitate you to work on your own for long hours. Much of your achievement will happen when you work with others.

Someone you have known as a friend may express romantic interest in you, or if you have been looking for a suitable life-partner without good luck for a while, social occasions will bring you in touch with the person of your dreams. Contacts with people of other nationalities/ cultures can be beneficial to you.3rd and 4th are sensitive days. Rest of the week is good for you.

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (29th April - 5th May)

The theme of “holding back to recoup your energies” continues from the previous week. Mercury joins the 12th house from your sun sign on May 1st emphasizing the need to be discreet about your dealings. You need to check around you and be alert to potential scammers/traitors in your environment during the first week of May. Expenses may mount suddenly – especially due to developments on the health front.

Whenever any new idea strikes your mind, incubate it in your subconscious for some time. Immediate implementation of fleeting ideas may land you in a soup. Things won’t be clear regarding romantic matters too, or you may need to keep your romantic inclinations a secret for some more time…at least this is not the right time to wear your heart on your sleeves.

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

Passion runs high as Venus and Mars energize your solar house while Mercury – ruling your solar 5th house – indicative of romantic luck joins the party on May 1st. Sun in your first house adds charm to your personality, and you might be forthcoming in expressing your innermost thoughts to others. Just like the previous week, opportunities that come your way now will be unambiguous and you won’t be in any doubt as to what to do when things happen. Follow your instincts and you won’t go wrong in career matters.

Financial luck is good during this period though expenditure can be quite high due to impulsive Mars’ conjunction with your 2nd house lord and solar sign lord. 29th and 30th of April are sensitive days. Rest of the week is good for you.

Weekly Predictions... Aries (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

The focus of activities and events in your life could still be financial operations/ management because in addition to the stellium of planets energizing your 2nd house, Mercury also joins the 2nd house from 1st May 2013. You may find ways to boost your finances and also identify better strategies to manage your commitments. Money that others owe you and has not been returned to you might be returned to you unexpectedly. So, take efforts to get back amounts that others owe you. You will have pragmatic vision regarding all sectors of your life.

Sharing thoughts with others, moving with people who have identical mental wave-length, and discussing intellectual aspirations with others could be starting points for new relationships during this period. Overall this could be a good week for you.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

Your focus could be on understanding your immediate environment and adapting yourself to that. You may be busy handling communication, running errands, and indulging in light socialization. You are likely to be more curious and alert than usual, and this can help you in securing some small scale victories (the sort of successes that may seem insignificant at the moment, but will add up to your reputation in the long-run). You will find great value in exchanging ideas with like-minded others, and will take bold decisions while helping out others who reach out for your assistance.

The lunar eclipse on April 25th triggers your solar 9th house indicating possibility of sudden journeys, interesting spiritual insights, or mystic experiences. 23rd, 24th, and 25th are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

Try nurturing your home base – like improving relationship with family members, renewing friendship with family friends, and doing things that are aimed at ensuring future security this week. You are likely to be sentimental and nostalgic now, and these tendencies will help you to send the right vibes to those around you – to interact with you at a soul level without pretences and with genuine mutual concern. Establishing a stable environment that you can turn to will give you a feeling of “being anchored well” in life.

The eclipse on 25th might bring work-life/ home-responsibility conflict to the fore for some of you, and developments on the career front may require you to change tack in some way in the near future. 25th, 27th, and 28th are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

You are likely to feel on top of the world regardless of how things are developing in your life –because at this point in your life you will derive intrinsic joy from everything you do. You will go about life with the carefree attitude of a young child – learning something from every experience and deriving joy out of that! No wonder with such an attitude others will gravitate towards you. The flip side of this is that some of your friends/ associates may react with jealousy to the developments in your life.

The lunar eclipse on 25th April also falls on your friendship sector indicating that this could be a time for re-evaluating friendships/ associations – and circumstances will develop in a way that the true friends will stand out from the pretenders.

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (22nd April - 28th April)

Your self-esteem might be tied to the service you can offer others and the quality of work you turn out. You will be highly analytical and will appreciate good quality/standard in everything about you – be it work you do, service you offer others, or even in what others have to offer for you. Frivolity/superficial attitudes won’t gel with you now. You may embark on self-improvement/ fitness activities to experience a feeling of wellness.

As the lunar eclipse on 25th triggers your solar 12th house, you will strive to strike a balance between spiritual and mundane concerns, but this balance might not be apparent to others; the developments are most likely to be internal and offer you intrinsic satisfaction. Some of you may clear long-standing debts and experience the resultant emotional freedom and relief.

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

Your ability to cooperate and harmonize with others will be good. Your focus will be on balancing your personal objectives with social/ family responsibilities, and you will come across as a caring partner during this period. This is an excellent time for resolving issues in matrimonial life, and for chalking out a joint agenda for the future with your significant other in life. Partners at work and loved ones at home will be able to appreciate the effort you take and the concern you show.

Lunar eclipse on your sun sign on April 25th emphasizes the need to balance need for independence and need for belonging, and you will ace in finding that balance that many find elusive! 23rd, 24th, and 25th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Libra (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

Things are likely to be on a humdrum routine– where things seem boring, but we can’t avoid them as they are important. As you handle those routines, do not lose sight of the fact that it is by getting in touch with your own real self and untapped potential that you can set the base for future progress. If you feel undervalued or disrespected, stand up for yourself; don’t hold back in an effort to avoid confrontation at this point.

Lunar eclipse on April 25th triggers your 2nd house indicating that you may need to focus your energy on changing spending habits or finding new ways to augment finances. Happy reunion with other family members is likely in the near future for many of you. 27th and 28th are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

Feed your needs for self-expression and self-improvement by indulging in adventurous activities, new learning activities, research on subjects that hold your interest, or by embarking on interesting journeys to exotic locales. Experiment, evolve dynamic strategies, and innovate to get the best results on the career front. Romantic choices during this period can be unconventional in some way. The lunar eclipse on April 25th stimulates your solar 3rd house.

So there could be interesting possibilities involving the 3rd house like positive turn in your interaction with siblings, a flurry of activity in the neighborhood that will have your active participation, an adventurous decision taken by you giving good results, or culmination of some writing project (if you are creatively/intellectually inclined) giving you recognition and enhanced reputation.

Weekly Predictions... Leo (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

Your visions are likely to be practical and you will expect tangible results in career matters. Do what you feel is right based on your hunches and things will fall in place in the best order for you. But, the concentration of energies on your career matters could bring work-life balance issues to the fore….especially so since the lunar eclipse on 25th April happens on your solar 4th house indicating surprises/ developments on the home front needing your attention or grabbing it anyway!

This could manifest as completion of a housing project, taking decisions for the welfare of parents, or relocation to home land. If you have been neglecting developments at home and have been leading a skewed existence, developments on the home front could jolt you to a rude awakening!

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

A lively agenda is on the cards due to your solar 11th house receiving positive energy due to transit of many planets in that sector. Discussions with friends might throw up interesting career possibilities. The lunar eclipse on 25th triggers your solar 5th house indicating possibility that surprises are in the offing in romantic matters – like a close friend suddenly expressing romantic interest, children-related matters (including possible conception for people who have been trying to start a family), and sudden unearthing of information that might prove invaluable while taking crucial investment decisions.

While the developments may seem sudden, they may – in fact have been brewing on the back-burner for a while. 27th and 28th are the best days this week for you.

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

You need to hold yourself back and take a conscious decision to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of active life in an attempt to recharge your batteries and recoup your energies. Pushing too far and too aggressively might lead to losing the right direction and we all must take occasional breaks to reorient ourselves …. you are in such a phase now! The lunar eclipse on 25th stimulates your 6th house and brings hidden issues around work/ health matters to the fore.

If you have been working intelligently and conscientiously at work, you are in for some pleasant surprises….but for most people the eclipse energy will manifest as unearthing of matters that need cleaning up, or culmination of one phase of projects and the beginning of another.

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

Health issues that you have been brushing under the carpet might rear their head and if that happens, you need to seek timely medical intervention to avoid later complications. On the positive side, you will be more assertive than you have been in the recent past and will have no problem expressing yourself convincingly. Opportunities that emerge in your life during this period will be unambiguous and help to take your life to a higher level.

At work, you may be impelled to take an individualistic approach and may find things in your favour if you are in any leadership role. There could be some sensitive developments in personal relationship matters around 25th April due to the eclipse influence. Otherwise, it is a generally good week for you.

Weekly Predictions... Aries (22nd April - 28th April, 2013)

Your focus will be on financial operations – finding new sources of income, managing investments, and planning on new acquisitions. In romance, stability and security of the relationship will matter more than other considerations. You will have ample scope to showcase your talents at work-place, and if you avoid impulsive actions and harsh speech things could very well be in your favour.

Lunar eclipse on 25th brings unpaid debts and power dynamics in relationships to a head (debts include emotional debts – favours we owe others). Resolution of these matters now might be crucial for your well-being in the future. Empower yourself by freeing yourself off emotional and material debts. 27th and 28th are sensitive dates. Rest of the week is good for you.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

As Venus, Sun, and Mars move into your solar 3rd house, you will come out of your “comfort zones” and be willing to explore new avenues – taking a few adventurous decisions on the way, if it is necessitated. You will have good luck networking with others and will have a great head for analyzing facts and figures and putting seeming irrelevant but crucial info into a meaningful whole. Short-trips to resolve crucial issues in life are possible during this phase. You will excel in smoothing things around you – spreading vibes of harmony with your ability to resolve conflicts diplomatically.

In romance wit, cheerful approach, and verbal rapport are the qualities that you will be looking for in your partners. 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st are good days this week.  

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

With Venus, Sun, and Mars entering your 4th house one by one through the course of this week, you will experience nostalgic feelings and sentimental urges in contrast to the logical impulses you have been experiencing for a while in the recent past. You will strive to nurture your roots, get in touch with things that ring a memory of “home”, and may invest resources/ time in improving things around your home environment. Mercury in your 3rd house still lets you process information objectively and this can be a double-advantage…..where you can be logical inside and yet display a warm sentimentality that will be endearing to others.

There will be ways to improve your financial situation with support from family members. 15th, 16th, 17th, 20th, and 21st are good days

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

The focus shifts from stability/ security-consciousness to dynamic risk-taking attitude. Let the inner child inside you come to the fore and be willing to experiment on things, take a few bold decisions listening to your inner voice, and be prepared to me calculated trade-offs in life – sacrificing one element of life to improve on other sectors. You will be at your charming best and can charm others even without trying to consciously do so! Obviously this can be an exciting time if you are looking for romantic openings.

As long as you avoid over-stretching your limits, there is much that you can achieve this week – and that too without breaking too much sweat – as if work is just another form of play! Be cautious on 20th and 21st.

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

With Venus, Sun, and Mars shifting into your solar 6th house, there will be a shift from a pleasure-oriented and care-free behavior pattern to a more responsible, goal-oriented behavior pattern. You will be highly analytical and will separate the worthwhile from the worthless in all sectors of your life objectively. Since 6th house is the house of health, activation of this house by transit of planets this week indicates that this is a good time to organize your health routines.

You will take great pride in your work and you will strive to get rid of things that don’t work for you. Romantic and social activities might be centred around your working environment to a great extent. 15th, 16th, 17th, and 20th are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

As Venus, Sun, and Mars enter your 7th solar house one by one during the course of the week, relating to a significant other at a deep level assumes importance for you. You will charm others in your circle by your ability to put their needs ahead of your own, and your nice words of appreciation will fire them up to do their best for you. Smoothing out relationships is what will make you happy this week. When differences do arise, you will sort them out immediately in as amicable a manner as feasible.

You will excel in negotiation settings managing to find solutions that do justice to all parties concerned. This is an excellent time for forging new alliances/partnerships. This is a productive week for you.

Weekly Predictions... Libra (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

As Venus, Sun, and Mars enter your solar 8th house one by one during the course of this week, this is not likely to be a gregarious period for you. You may need to step down the pace of things and focus on what is really important for you. There could be an intense need for self-transformation and personal satisfaction, and as a result some of you may take decisions that may not be exactly popular with others around you.

There could be an element of self-sacrifice in some decisions you take now. This is an excellent time for planning your long-term finances, handling legacies/ ancestral property related matters, and for effecting inner transformation. 15th, 16th, 17th, 20th, and 21st are good days.

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

While Mercury transiting your 8th house requires you to concentrate on things at a deeper level and work on the basics, Venus, Sun, and Mars that will enter your 9th house one by one during the course of this week will urge you to explore new horizons. So, there can be indecisive influences wherein a part of you will want to be introverted and low-profile, while another part of your psyche will crave for new experiences.

If you remain undecided and confused, you may let opportunities slip by. To avoid such confusion, strive to do current routines in a novel/ more efficient way so that the need for stabilizing yourself and the need to explore new ways will be simultaneously satisfied. 15th, 16th, 18th, and 19th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Leo (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

As Venus, Sun and Mars enter your solar 10th house one by one (on 15th, 19th and 20th April respectively), you will be more focused on practicalities of success rather than intrinsic values associated with efforts. Ambition, need for recognition, and tangible milestones of progress like a promotion – for instance, can be your driving motives beginning this week. Some of you may experience a painful two-way pull between domestic and professional commitments especially towards the end of this week. 

Maintaining the right work-life balance is crucial for your success so that one sector of your life does not interfere with the other unfavourably. This could be a good period to launch new ventures or ambitious projects provided the groundwork has been laid already.

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

As Venus, Sun and Mars move into the 11th solar house of your chart on 15th, 19th,and 20th respectively, your social sector gets the choicest positive energies. Romantic developments may happen in the context of social gatherings during this period. You are likely to be light-hearted and the flip side of this is that you may lack the ability to connect with others from the core – and many of your interactions during this period may be superficial. Still this is enjoyable in itself and may help you in subtle ways.

Life need not be always serious and purpose-oriented, and the smaller joys and superficial enjoyment of this period may help you to remain motivated and help you to push harder later on when situations demand so. 19th, 20th, and 21st are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

Your solar first house lord –Mercury - continues to energize your solar 11th house enabling you to gain by your diplomatic skills and ability to multitask things efficiently. However, as Venus, Sun, and Mars enter your solar 12th house one by one during the course of this week (15th, 19th and 20th to be exact), you may need to take a short break from the monotony of your life or effect minor changes to your schedule to recharge your batteries. 

You may have been ignoring your health in the mindless pursuit towards excellence so far, and now is the time to stop in your tracks and take stock of things with a holistic perspective. This is a good period to introspect and get your priorities in life sorted out. 18th, 19th, and 20th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

Your personal magnetism and zest for life will sky-rocket from this week as Venus, Sun, and Mars enter your solar first house on April 15th, April 19th and April 20th respectively. Things that you have been holding back for a while now can be let out of the bag, and you will find your assertiveness and pioneering skills come to the fore. Existing problems can be overcome by a straightforward approach and a touch of adventurism in your way of handling things. Romantic luck is good.

New opportunities might come your way at work, and you will gain much if you follow your own hunches while handling career matters. 15th, 16th, 17th are best days this week. 20th and 21st are sensitive days.

Weekly Predictions... Aries (15th April - 21st April, 2013)

There will be a marked tendency to slow down a bit and become more reasonable/ cautious in your ventures from this week as Venus enters your solar 2nd house on April 15th, and is joined there by Sun on April 19th and Mars on April 20th. Security and stability might become bigger needs for you now. What you have and what you don’t and what you must do to get what you have not got so far will be the focus of your ideas and efforts from this week. This could augur well for financial matters. 

On the flip side, over-attachment to security needs or materialistic goals might hamper your natural style – don’t let this happen! 20th and 21st are best days this week.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Pisces Detailed Horoscope for April


Due to the support of superiors your work will run smoothly. In the second half of the month the effort you will put in towards your business venture or work project is bound to bring in fruitful results. Plans formulated by Government officials and your superiors will actually help your work be successful. There is a possibility that your familial life and its stresses may affect your work life. If a person tries to bribe you then do not accept it.


This month is not so good when it comes to education; there is a chance that you may not get expected results of your academic labour. Due to non achievement of desired results you may be stressed. Be careful while driving a vehicle.


In the first half of this month there are good chances of wealth accumulation. Your hard-work and efforts will be rewarded. Earnings profits will in turn help your buy luxury and household goods. This is a good time to invest money in real estate.


Headaches and blood pressure related maladies may bother you. Do not over eat and be careful of what you’re eating and drinking. Stomach related infections can occur and weather change can cause allergies.


In this month it would be beneficial to maintain pleasant relations with your friends. You may make new friends. Try and stay away from negative love matches.

Aquarius Detailed Horoscope for April


This month will proceed towards improvements and success. With your courage you will be able to accomplish the difficult tasks too. New projects will begin and contracts will be signed off on.


This month is favourable for those pursuing academics. You will get the result that you desire. Attraction towards the opposite sex may become an obstacle in your academics.


This month indicates exceptional financial profits. Travelling will help bring in happiness and profitable opportunities.


This month your health will stay fine. Weather change related infections, allergies, cough and breathing problems may plague you.


This month is not so favourable for love and romance. You will be stressed and your vulnerable condition will come in the way of your relationships.

Capricorn Detailed Horoscope for April


This is a favourable month for work and business. Some new trade opportunity may crop up which will prove to be profitable. In the second half of this month you will come across further profits. Your expenses may increase.


This month is favourable for students. To accomplish your academic goals put in dedicated hard-work and be focussed.


This month indicates exceptional financial profits. Travelling will help bring in happiness. Your expenses will be on property, house and vehicles.


Your physical health will be fine in this month. Allergies and weather change relates infections will bother you. Keep a check on your diet.


This month is favourable for love and you may come into contact with an old friend of yours.

Sagittarius Detailed Horoscope for April


You will be highly competent in this month even though work and business will bring in only average profits. Mental frustration and stress can become an obstacle and may keep you from finishing off your projects. While taking decisions consult your superiors and experts and take their advice into consideration.


This can be a stressful month for students. Taking hasty decisions or taking decisions under duress will be counterproductive. You may go astray and your academics will suffer.


In the first half of this month you may have to struggle a lot to reel in monetary profits. The second half of the month brings improvements.


You may feel indecisive and confused. There will be a constant battle raging between your heart and brain, so to say. Depression may rear its ugly head in your direction.


In this month one of your friends may go away from you. You will make a new friend. This month will be stable and happy, overall.

Scorpio Detailed Horoscope for April


This month is really favourable for your career. You will be successful in all your endeavours. There are chances that you will come into sudden profits. Arguments will crop up regarding property issues.


This month will be sort of average for those pursuing academics. Try and avoid taking hasty decisions as they will be counter-productive. Think through all of your decisions.


In this month paternal property related arguments will crop up. You may come into sudden profits.


In the second half of this month your health may fall down a notch. Fever, indigestion and infections are a real possibility. Keep a check on your blood pressure.


This month is not favourable for pursuing matters of the heart either. Arguments can crop up and your loved one may betray you in some sense of the word.

Libra Detailed Horoscope for April


You can expect success and progress at work and in business. Legal matters will be resolved in your favour. Government officials will extend their help.


This month is really favourable for those involved in the academic field. Academic competitions will have positive results. Your education will bring in employment opportunities as well.


This month will be really profitable from the point of view of your finances. Your ongoing projects will pick up speed and sudden monetary profits can be expected.


This month is a favourable one. You may be stressed and catch an air borne infection. Take precautions to avoid allergies and blood related disorders.


This month is really favourable for love and romance. However, you may end up ruining your relationship with your uncontrollable anger. Travelling and gifts will bring happiness and benefits.

Virgo Detailed Horoscope for April


This month will yield average productivity from your work and business projects. Minor profits will be incurred throughout the duration of this month though. Try and avoid stressful situations.


You will excel in your academic pursuits. The knowledge you gain in this month will help you in the long run. Be focussed on your academics.


This month is really favourable for wealth accumulation through work and business. There are chances that you will be able to reap monetary benefits. An increase in your income will prove to be beneficial for your children and their academic future.


There are chances that you will suffer from headaches, skin related infections and blood disorders in this month. Females will also be prey to feminine problems.


This month may have some obstacles in store for you. This month demands that you handle situations with utmost care and intelligence. Also be really careful around your friends.