Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (22nd April - 28th April)

Your self-esteem might be tied to the service you can offer others and the quality of work you turn out. You will be highly analytical and will appreciate good quality/standard in everything about you – be it work you do, service you offer others, or even in what others have to offer for you. Frivolity/superficial attitudes won’t gel with you now. You may embark on self-improvement/ fitness activities to experience a feeling of wellness.

As the lunar eclipse on 25th triggers your solar 12th house, you will strive to strike a balance between spiritual and mundane concerns, but this balance might not be apparent to others; the developments are most likely to be internal and offer you intrinsic satisfaction. Some of you may clear long-standing debts and experience the resultant emotional freedom and relief.