Sunday, 28 April 2013

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (29th April - 5th May)

The theme of “holding back to recoup your energies” continues from the previous week. Mercury joins the 12th house from your sun sign on May 1st emphasizing the need to be discreet about your dealings. You need to check around you and be alert to potential scammers/traitors in your environment during the first week of May. Expenses may mount suddenly – especially due to developments on the health front.

Whenever any new idea strikes your mind, incubate it in your subconscious for some time. Immediate implementation of fleeting ideas may land you in a soup. Things won’t be clear regarding romantic matters too, or you may need to keep your romantic inclinations a secret for some more time…at least this is not the right time to wear your heart on your sleeves.