Friday, 12 April 2013

Cancer Detailed Horoscope for April


In this month your profits will be high. You will have all the material comforts and yet you will feel uneasy. Your expenses will rise. A government division that you have dealings with may put up some difficulties in your path.


This month is not so favourable for studies. You will feel stressed. The second half of the month will show improvement. You will take a new found interest in your studies. You will be focussed and thorough when it will come to sitting down and studying.


This month is specifically profitable for those involved in the trading business. Those involved in office jobs will have success too. Employ your wits and competent skills and you will be able to receive profits accordingly.


In this month your health will see improvement. You may come to physical harm in the form of bruises and scratches because of vehicles.


You may feel depressed and uneasy in this month. You’ll be emotional around your friends.