Friday, 12 April 2013

Taurus Detailed Horoscope for April


New contracts will be signed. There are chances that you will be transferred. Baseless fears and worries can become obstacles in your path towards success.


You may have to face challenges this month. Dedicated hard-work will prove to be helpful. You can expect good results from your academic examinations and academics related competitions. You might be awarded with a scholarship or a similar honour.


Your finances will be in your control. You may come into sudden monetary profits but your expenses on health care will take a major chunk out of your profits. Be careful with your money and how you spend it.


Your health will be fine but fever, body ache and weather change related infections and allergies can become bothersome. Keep a check on your nutrition and avoid eating junk food.


This month brings in love and romance. Due to a change in your physical atmosphere you may be presented with an opportunity to develop new friendships. This month will breathe a new life into your existing romantic relationship.