Friday, 30 November 2012

Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn Moon needs to feel useful and productive. They are competent and collected, even when their emotions are churning beneath the surface. They want realistic goals and clear boundaries set. They are not risk takers. They much prefer security and safety and plan ahead for every eventuality.

Capricorn Moon does not deal well with all those messy emotions… they are frightened of dealing with them. While they can have some mood swings and can dip pretty far into the darkness themselves, they don't like to delve into this side. The Capricorn Moon Sign person is their own worst critic, and they can be really hard on themselves. They often hide their own sensitivity behind a sarcastic demeanour. They are painfully aware of their faults and weaknesses, and try very diligently to compensate for them.

Moon in Capricorn may come across as cold and calculating, but in reality they just don't feel comfortable letting their feelings hang out in public. They prefer to be organized and efficient; practical to the bone. Those born under this Moon Sign have a strong need to feel worthwhile. They want to be respectable in the eyes of others. Patient and able to endure quite a bit, Capricorn Moon has a big sense of duty. They jump to take responsibility on the job or at home. They may feel that they give more than they get, and it takes a lot for them to learn that others are giving back to them. They need to learn to give affection… they may feel it; they just tend not to show it very well to those they love.

In a relationship, they are often unable or unwilling to see what their partner wants or needs. They tend to worry and find it difficult to relate to those who have different values and opinions. They have a hard time discussing their own problems. It is rare that they feel relaxed and content within themselves. They fear rejection. Unless everything is outlined clearly, they feel insecure. It may take them a long time to find someone to trust and love. They mellow with age as competition isn't so important and can genuinely be a lot of fun as they get older.

Capricorn Moon likes to get their own way. They can be ambitious and strong of will, especially as it helps their own career. They like the spotlight, and do well in public positions. Often very intelligent, they have a great respect of knowledge, and they know how to use it to their benefit. They do have a problem with holding anger and resentment deep inside, and can actually cause illness or depression within themselves because they don't deal with their feelings.

Moon in Capricorn is dignified and tenacious. They are able to concentrate well, and do not like to be idle. They can motivate others. When they do lose control, you might as well be standing in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Luckily, this doesn't happen very often. 

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius Moon is happy-go-lucky and free-spirited… as long as they aren't cooped up. They need space and personal freedom to be happy. They love to be physically active. Travel, sports, socializing… it doesn't matter what it is as long as it is active. They love open spaces, indoors and out. Optimistic and cheerful, Sagittarius Moon is always upbeat, even when they've disappointed you for the third time because they once again forgot the lunch date you had planned.

They are competitive and love the outdoors. They are usually natural athletes, or if not, they appreciate athleticism in others. They abhor routine, and feel the need to escape. If things get tough, you better lock the door, because they will be looking for the fastest road out of town.

Sagittarius Moon has an ability to simply believe that everything will work out for the best. They don't make detailed plans; they just like to play it by ear. As such, they are very adaptable when the need arises. Idealistic and romantic, they don't look before they leap. While this makes them lots of fun sometimes, this aspect coupled with their generosity can leave them vulnerable to be taken advantage of. This same quality, however, can make them successful where those who were more cautious tend to fail.

Moon Sign Sagittarius is impatient. They don't like to spend the time that may be required to develop a relationship or any other benefit. They can be too candid, especially at times when they really need to use some tact.

Power and status impresses Sagittarius Moon. They also like to leave an impression on others, and may resort to boasting or exaggerating to do so. They are creative and talented; many go into the arts or design. They also can be successful in sales, education and jobs where they must rely on communication.

They have a dual personality, so they can appear to be two very different people. They may appear independent, and at the same time, they may seem irresponsible. This dual nature also causes them extreme highs and lows. One minute they may be the life of the party, the next they are utterly despondent. They are highly driven, and can often be very successful, especially at professions that allow them freedom and travel opportunities. They love to learn, and will be restless intellectually if they are not stimulated by their activities. They are always searching for something.

These natural adventurers are impulsive and enthusiastic. This is partially why they are so great at teaching… they are enthusiastic about sharing their passions and are good at explaining what makes the subjects so fascinating for them. Unlike some of the other Moon signs, the Sagittarius Moon Sign is not really materialistic. They prefer having an incredible experience, even though it is fleeting. They tend to wax philosophical at times, and are naturals with language. When needed, they are a champion of justice if someone dear to them is affected… it will become their new mission to make sure the end result is fair.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Scorpio Moon Sign

Scorpio Moon lives for emotional intensity. They have the ability to see through anyone right to their innermost feelings. This can be disturbing to some people and intriguing for others. They have a need for change and rebirth. Their life may be full of drama and upheaval which they feel is out of their control. But if their life begins to feel "normal" they are the first one to create some test for someone in their life just to create excitement. Emotional drama fulfills them.

Scorpio Moon wants it all… they don't do anything halfway or waste their time with meaningless relationships. They want commitment. They may also expect their partner to give up something for them, although they have a deep fear of betrayal. They may test their partners, even if they don't mean to. They come off as being suspicious, although once they have committed themselves to a partner; they are extremely loyal and protective.

Scorpio Moon has a great presence, even when they are shy. They need to spend a lot of time learning to control their emotions. They are very intuitive, but they may be inclined to use it for their own gains. They are passionate and fearless. Those with a Moon in Scorpio in their charts are excellent astrologers, or they may just have a strong interest in the occult and the unusual. They make good psychologists because they are good at understanding the intricacies of the mind.

Moon Sign Scorpio can be intimidating and are difficult to scare or shock. They have the ability to size up a person or a situation in a matter of seconds. Their powers can be used for good or evil, as the saying goes… and many times it depends on how they were raised as children. Those who were manipulated or deprived will not open up to others, while those raised in a nurturing environment will most likely be mild-tempered and easy to get along with. They can be jealous, possessive and self-indulgent. They can also be rather destructive, both to themselves and others. On the good side, they can be vulnerable, intelligent and ambitious.

Scorpio Moon is tenacious, and once they want something, they are like the dog that won't let go. Their stubbornness can stand in their own way at times, or it can help them overcome bad habits. They tend to be emotional, materialistic, sensual and secretive. They are also very creative. Their fighting spirit is strong and it is difficult for them to admit defeat. They can be fiercely competitive, especially with those of their own sex. With the opposite sex, they can often be wrapped around the other person's little finger, wanting to indulge that person's every whim. They could use a little balance in their life in this area.

Charismatic, Scorpio Moon attracts many, and must exercise caution so they are not tempted into multiple relationships. They don't like to be criticized. They are seldom mainstream in their ideals and don't always conform to all of society's rules.

Libra Moon Sign

Libra Moon does not like to be alone… they thrive in a partnership. Many will get married young or choose to move in with someone. In order to facilitate this, they may make a lot of concessions to their partner in order to keep the peace. They are social, sympathetic and they love a rousing debate. They need someone they can feel an intellectual and emotional rapport with.

Libra Moon wants someone with them all the time… even for that little trip to fill up the gas tank. They believe there is strength in numbers. Charming and attractive, they are often found flirting. They are usually very gentle and refined in their manners. They make friends easily, and may be fickle.

Even if they don't want to, The Libra Moon Sign person will see flaws in their relationships and everything around them. Even worse, until it is fixed, it will continue to gnaw at them. Although a natural diplomat with acquaintances, they will argue with their partners until they win… even if it takes a long time. Having the last word is important to them. You may feel like they've got you on trial all the time and you're getting grilled, though they're great to have on your side when they're supporting you.

Moon in Libra likes to have their way and will accomplish their goals with the support of others. They make excellent planners, but they would rather delegate to others the actual hands on work. They are good at paying attention to details, problem solving and strategizing. They tend to lean towards overindulging, impracticalities and inconsistencies in their personal life.

They are often uncertain. Their moods change from moment to moment, not only from up to down and back again, but waffling back and forth as well. They are even-tempered throughout all the changes and usually cheerful. They are transparent… it is hard for them to hide their feelings. At the same time, they can change their personality to fit who they are spending time with. This is skill, not a trick. This allows other to feel comfortable around them, though it may be confusing at times. Intellectual stimulation is a must.

Indecisive, Libra Moon must weigh each side of a decision over and over to make sure they are choosing correctly… even on what to have for lunch. At the same time, they are concerned with balance in life. If they sense things are out of balance, they will do what they must to redress this fact, even if someone has to lose out once in awhile.

They love their family and home, though it may not be openly apparent to all. They are affectionate and encouraging to those around them. They seem to attract more than their share of good and bad situations with legal matters, life-changing decisions and partners. They like the arts and have very aesthetic tastes. Libra Moon may be a bit forgetful, and they don't cope well with violence or aggression.

Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo Moon looks to the little things in life for their happiness and security. They may deny it, but they actually enjoy activities like running errands, taking care of details, and so on. They may complain about it, but as long as they feel appreciated they will do their best to not only take care of themselves, they'll take care of you, too. They will usually be the first to volunteer to help someone else.

They may be a bit low in self-esteem, but many are very happy to have a normal, pedestrian life. Simplicity is their mantra and they feel most at home when they can go through life without a lot of public attention. Because of this, they may be accused of being an underachiever or not setting their sights high enough. In reality, they are easily stressed, and they are much happier when they stay within their comfort level.

Virgo Moon Sign loves routine. They are very unhappy without one, or at least feeling they have a job that is necessary. They may appear fussy or be labelled as a complainer, but they really can't function well without their routine. They do best at jobs that require a lot of detail or micromanaging.

They will show how much they care in small, practical ways like putting away your laundry. Open affection may cause them to pull back a bit, and they are often shy when meeting new people. Once they are comfortable, however they are happy to be themselves. They are trustworthy and reliable and are good sources of advice or help in just about any situation. Their practicality makes them very useful to keep around. They make excellent counsellors, as they are very talented at comforting others and making them feel better.

In a relationship, Moon in Virgo can be shy and possibly intimidated. They are very aware of themselves, and when combined with low self-esteem, it can really interfere with forming a normal, healthy relationship. They can end up being too critical of themselves. Once they gain self-confidence, they can be a wonderful partner with a lot to contribute. They tend to keep their own feelings bottled up, which can cause health issues in the long run. Others may see Virgo Moon as cold or un-affectionate, which in most cases is not true. Moon in Virgo is a born sceptic. When faced with blind faith, they can't help but pick at it. They can be frustrating because they insist on finding the practical application to everything. Virgo Moon is full of curiosity, yet seems apathetic at the same time. This can confuse some people. While they can dish out the criticism, they are extremely sensitive to receiving it themselves.

Virgo Moon likes to stay busy, and they are happy as long as their life feels under their control. They may put up invisible barriers to others, whether they realize it or not. They hope that others will put forth the extra effort to get to know them anyway. 

Leo Moon Sign

Leo Moon likes to be the center of attention… when they are comfortable in the situation. They may do a lot of entertaining at home and they have a great sense of comic timing. Those born with the Moon in Leo are talented organizers, and may bring that out to the point of trying to organize and control their friends and family. They want to create and entertain… although they may end up being too lazy to actually put things together as often as they would like. Their natural bossiness helps them be good at delegating chores to others, although deep down they really want to treat others fairly.

Leo Moon needs a lot of love to do well in the world. They can be overly dramatic if they feel slighted, and they are prone to sulking. Luckily, they prefer to perform their scenes in the privacy of their home. Public displays may hurt their image. They would rather appear dignified in public, since social status is everything. They may be a bit vain or snobbish, but they are very loyal.

They are usually popular and sociable, and they have a lot of integrity. Their sense of justice is strong, and they are usually easy to reason with. They are passionate, but may tend towards exaggeration. They can get so caught up in a moment that they may do or say things that later won't be remembered. They can be generous to a fault; in fact, it can become overwhelming to the recipient at times. They can't stand ingratitude, so if you are the one being showered with generosity, express your thanks.

Pride is Leo Moon's downfall. Their ego pushes them to take charge of everything, which may make them appear domineering. They are attracted to power and status. Stubbornness is a trait that helps them get what they want. At the same time, they can be very idealistic and make great personal sacrifices if they believe in a cause.

They are protective of their own and others' freedoms. In a relationship, they may be on the jealous side, even if they are not really possessive. When they go through a break-up, they may feel more pain to their ego rather than their heart.

The Leo Moon Sign may be graced with artistic ability, or they may just be interested in the arts in some fashion. They have a natural air of authority coupled with dignity. Leo Moon is not a big risk taker unless they know they'll come out on top. They don't like to fail in front of others.

Those born under the Moon Sign Leo do not take advice well, though they are happy to give it. They have a lot in common with the cat… they feel they are always right and no one should tell them what to do. They may be materialistic, but they accept responsibility with grace and honor. They can face adversity without falling apart, and when fortune smiles upon them, they are always willing to share.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer Moon has a knack for being in touch with their feelings, as well as those of others. They may be so in touch with their feelings that they become very self-absorbed. At the same time, they are so in touch with others' feelings that they can see through any superficial statements of well-being. They have a terrific memory, especially for emotional things. The Cancer Moon Sign looks for familiarity and security. They tend to cling to their home, their family and friends, and their possessions. They really appreciate peace and quiet, and they are not big fans of change. 

Devoted and accommodating, they do not like superficiality. When they have feelings of insecurity, they may attempt to create a sense of it by accumulating things around them. While others have moved on from a hurt, those born under a Moon in Cancer may tend to keep dwelling on them. They may tend to feel taken for granted, and they don't like to confront others, so they may leave hints about their unhappiness to get your attention. They can become very manipulative in some cases.

They have a delightful sense of humor that borders on the loony and can be amazingly funny. At the same time, they can be moody, which can confuse those who don't know them well. They may behave erratically at times, but they have a unique angle on life. They are also very affectionate and protective. 

When they feel understood, they return the feelings of tenderness and warmth in abundance. They are very dependable, mood swings and all. They are creative and sensitive. If they don't have their own artistic talents, they have a fine appreciation of the arts. They are vulnerable to the influence of those they spend time with. It may be difficult for them to express their own opinions, rather than just reflect those around them.

Cancer Moon may be a bit awkward socially, being shy with strangers or when they are in unfamiliar situations. Once they feel more comfortable, they will be more outgoing. They may lack motivation, and be sloppy or disorganized. They don't like to throw away anything, including unhappy relationships. They do like to get their way, and they often set personal goals for themselves.

Cancer Moon can be very nurturing. They may express this through philanthropy, or through hospitable and compassionate behavior. They are quick to make everyone a part of the family. Emotionally, they can become their own worst enemy. They are prone to be vulnerable and dependent. This may cause them to be overly possessive of their partner. Indifference hurts them deeply, even when it was unintended. They are likely to bottle it up inside, however and not tell anyone.

Domesticity comes naturally to Cancer Moon, and they usually excel at gardening, culinary arts and home decorating. They may be rather finicky eaters, and when upset may use food as a comfort measure. They like to be reassured that they are making the right decisions and when they feel secure and on top of things, they are unbeatable. 

Gemini Moon Sign

Witty and charming, Gemini Moon is fun and pleasant to hang out with. Their twin aspect also makes them moody and irritable, though. If you can put up with the constant switch from one to the other, you will find that they are very interesting people to be around. They like to have a hand in everything, are usually well-informed and are the basis for the saying "curiosity killed the cat." Their inquisitiveness is all-encompassing. Like other air signs, the Moon Sign Gemini is adept at saying what they think is expected before they have a chance to think about it. They may also imitate others' behavior if they think it is more acceptable than just being themselves.

Gemini Moon needs a lot of stimulation to keep their interest. They are either, talking, reading or thinking… they never stop. They bore easily. You may notice they are somewhat restless, and may worry incessantly or appear to be perpetually nervous. Since they are more likely to reason things than feel them, they are capable of handling anxiety, worry and sorry better than others. 

Sociable and friendly, Gemini Moon has a talent with words. They have a great imagination and always have way too many irons in the fire. Some may tend to pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing and forget what they needed to take care of. They often have artistic talents if they can be persuaded to stick with it and develop them. They may pick up one interest, only to drop it a week later for another. No matter what they end up doing, they need an outlet for creativity. They also need contact with others. Social interaction is needed like they need air… they can't survive without it. 

Gemini Moon is a great organizer, even though inside they may be unsettled. While they are very open-minded, their ability to make a decision suffers for it. Even so, the versatility and adaptability that they have is an exceptional trait. Monotony is their worst fear. They prefer change and adventure. If they have a problem, they want to talk it out. They like to analyze their problems, which can make them look detached. In fact, they may feel more comfortable talking about their feelings than experiencing them. Because of this, it is common for this Sign to often feel misunderstood. If you have a friend with a Moon Sign Gemini, they will want to help you solve your problems in the fastest, most clever way they can manage. Be prepared to be peppered with questions so they can get all the facts.

When in a relationship, they are loyal and loving. Their problem is that those they may be attracted to physically may not stimulate them intellectually, and vice versa. While they don't like being tied down and demand a certain amount of freedom, once they have made up their mind to commit, they're in it for the long haul. Unfortunately, even to those who know them well, the Moon in Gemini person comes off as fickle. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Taurus Moon Sign

Taurus Moon likes the familiar instead of the exotic. They will be prepared to put up with just about anything to preserve this familiar sense of security. Strong-willed, they are set in their ways. They want to create a solid, comfortable existence so they feel secure and happy. Moon in Taurus is steady, and makes those near them feel comforted. They can be very conservative and set in their ways. Sociable, Moon Sign Taurus loves companionship. They are emotionally balanced, and like to finish one thing before starting another.

They don’t like unpredictable or messy situations or emotional outbursts. They take their time before committing to anything, but once they do, they are reliable and persevere, no matter what it takes. You can usually trust their instincts. They analyze every move first to find out what is the safest course. They can become predictable and slaves to routine, since this gives them a sense of security.

The Taurus Moon Sign is very romantic. They are affectionate and are faithful and unwavering, warm and sentimental. They are sensuous and love the good life. They will stand by their mates even through the worst of times. Their loyalty is a quality to treasure, although they have been known to test their relationships to see if they will survive a challenge. They are gentle, thoughtful and kind. They like quiet reflection, good music and gourmet food. Possessions are important to Taurus Moon… they may become a collector of antiques or other valuables. The urge to collect usually begins when they are very young. They have the ability to get a bargain or a lot for their money. This may give others the impression that they must keep up with your lifestyle to be your friend. They prefer people who offer the same level of energy and sincerity than those who may be well-connected financially.

They have a serene quality that tends to calm those around them. It takes quite a lot to rattle them. When their favored routine is interrupted, however, they may not be the most adaptable one in the crowd. They can be stubborn and are seldom spontaneous. They have a talent for speaking before they think. Taurus Moon loves the pursuit of pleasure, although they will not follow this if it threatens their sense of security. They like material comfort and may become too concerned over social status. They may appear proud or unapproachable because they are so contained within themselves. If you break a promise you made to a them, be prepared to pay… they have a long memory. Slow to forget, they are also slow to forgive. While they are demanding of their friends and partners, they hold themselves to the same standards. They are not very familiar with the concept of compromising.

Taurus Moon is self-reliant and independent. They like to spend lavishly at times, but can be rather miserly at others. There is no middle ground. They are charming and diplomatic, and make unselfish parents.

Aries Moon Sign

The Moon rules the emotional self, so when the Moon is in Aries, watch out! Aries Moon is not known for restraint. They are impulsive and enthusiastic. If an idea strikes them, they are the first on the bandwagon to make it reality, without stopping to think about any obstacles that may be in the way. Spontaneous and determined, they let their heart rule their head. 

Moon Sign Aries is happy, optimistic, and impatient. They live for the moment, forgetting all else. Instant gratification is their middle name. They are passionate and have no qualms about sharing how they feel. At the same time, they can be very independent. They don't like to take no for an answer. They have the self-confidence to put themselves out there and they want to make a strong impression. Subtle does not describe this Sign. They are well-suited to meeting challenges that may destroy lesser people. They are clever and often approach their situations with a novel angle. Occasionally there are the few who may blame everything on other people.

Aries Moon takes everything personally, but they don't hold grudges. If they feel slighted they will burst out angrily and let those responsible know about it. Their emotions can rapidly change, and they can throw some spectacular tantrums. These emotional outbursts are usually over as quickly as they started. They don't normally take any time to consider the consequences of their actions. They seem to be able to just shrug off anything that goes wrong and keep going. They tend to calm down as they get older.

Moon Sign Aries gets bored easily. They have been accused of causing confrontations just to keep things interesting. If you live with a Moon in Aries person, keep this in mind. It may make it easier to deal with the drama that is bound to occur. They like to get their own way, and can resent any authority besides their own. At their worst, Aries Moon can be overconfident, aggressive, self-indulgent and foolhardy. At their best, they can be inspiring, kind, sympathetic, generous and tireless for a cause.

Moon Sign Aries has a problem differentiating between a need and a want. If they want it, they feel they need it with all their being. This can be a problem for overspending or other vices. They are charming, even when they are in the midst of a personal crisis that has all their friends scrambling to help. In the middle of these frequent "crises," they seldom feel any concern over the needs of others.

On the good side, the Aries Moon isn't likely to sulk if they don't get their way. They also play it straight… they don't go for manipulating others through guile or deception. They have an aura of innocence around them. They can achieve what many other people want, but don't take the chance to get. They like the idea of having power, and will probably handle it fine, if a little heavy handed. 

What's a Moon Sign?!

There are two reasons why some people do not seem to fit the descriptive characteristics of their astrological sign. In the first instance, they may not really comprehend the entire astrological description of their sign and are basing their opinion only on a few generalities. A more thorough explanation often reveals that most individuals do demonstrate the inherent characteristics of their sun sign.

In the second instance, astrological interpretation is based on knowing the complete horoscope of an individual which indicates where all the celestial bodies were positioned at the time of birth. It will reveal how strongly an individual exhibits the traits associated with his or her sun sign. After the sun's sign, the most important position is the sign in which the moon was located at birth.

For example, let's say at the time of birth the sun was in Aquarius. The moon may also be in Aquarius at birth but it may just as easily be in any of the other eleven astrological signs. The astrological sign position of the moon has an important bearing on personality and temperament from an emotional point of view. It describes how a person will emotionally handle the characteristics and traits indicated by the position of the sun at birth. Many calendars and almanacs list the daily lunar positions.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

As soon as Mercury turns direct those communication knots start to unravel and you can get from A to B without endless detours and delays. So, from Monday life should be fairly zipping along. Should being the operative word. Not only a lunar eclipse but a series of other impressive alignments could get in the way of your timetable, so now is the time to have a back-up plan.

You need such influences when you make a life-defining move; even so handling the pressure can be difficult. With this in mind, don’t react if someone presses your buttons and do your best not to press anyone else’s. This is an extreme kind of climate: it brings out the best and worst in us all.

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

Although you personally may be entirely happy with your lot and experiencing no major developments, you could be witnessing life-changing events in the lives of others, and these are causing you to question your own priorities. Lunar eclipses tend to generate a lot of ripples. If you have a choice, now would be the time to take a step back in order to fully explore how you feel about certain situations, however, if you are compelled to make a move, do your best not to alienate anyone in the process.

Actions taken are likely to have lasting consequences. This, of course, can be a positive thing, which will give you confidence should an important event lie ahead.

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

Mars has just begun bringing its fighting spirit to bear, and there are many weeks in which to mount an attack on any flagging campaigns, however, this is not the time to go into battle unless you positively want to make it as difficult for yourself as you can. The opposition will be fierce; more importantly, should you change your view on matters in time to come, it will be virtually impossible to reverse what has been set in stone.

Now, this stark forecast does not eliminate the possibility that great and good things will happen now: they can. Indeed, if ever there was a picture of a major turning point it is this. Still, far better you are prepared for a tough ride.

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

It is possible that you have a very special event set for this week, yet even if nothing of note is writ in the calendar don’t be surprised if something happens that leaves its mark on your memory. A lunar eclipse helps bring down the curtain on an aspect of your existence. Certainly, if you are planning to move home, change your job, get married or bring a baby into the world, life is going to be very different from this point on.

And even if a relationship falls by the wayside or something else comes to an end unexpectedly, a new beginning is already in process. Whether you’re over the moon with excitement or quite the reverse, remember this is part of life, not all of it.

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

A Venus-Saturn conjunction in your sign can be a wonderful thing. It can bring you your heart’s desire, it can set a situation in cement and it can confirm your hopes – or your fears. And there’s the rub. Events that occur on Saturn’s watch tend to have an element of karma about them, which is fine if you’re watching other people getting their comeuppance or you are being rewarded for your efforts, but not so great if fate appears to be blowing you a fat raspberry! Under Saturn you take your medicine, knowing that it is so good for you; you also take responsibility, which automatically endears you to others.

If nothing else this is a week of extremely valuable lessons.

Weekly Predictions... Libra (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

There is a flavour of late September/early October to this astro-scape, so if you’re experiencing that eerie sense of déjà-vu, you know why: and you can point the finger at Saturn and Pluto! Money could be the reason you are celebrating or commiserating, and should you be dealing with big numbers be careful not to over-commit yourself or make a calculation without double-checking the figures.

Journeys are also in your stars, whether you are about to make a trip or a project is taking you much further than you expected to go. Be patient with others, especially those upon whom you rely, because people will take you at your word, as you must theirs.

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (26 Nov - Dec 2,'12)

There is a relationship between Wednesday’s eclipse and one that took place six months ago. Perhaps June saw some events that only now are revealing their full promise; or maybe the reverse was the case and a development caused some problems. Certainly, you have a reference point should you need a mystery explaining or establish where the roots of a situation lie.

The week is far from easy, which doesn't mean you cannot achieve your objectives or that you will not be happy with results, but that you could find people difficult to deal with and there could be some anxious moments. Rarely a thrill-seeker, this is not the time to throw caution to the winds.

Weekly Predictions... Leo (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

Welcome to a week of sharp contrasts. On the one hand, Uranus is taking you out of your comfort zone in the most welcome way, and, on the other, Saturn is informing you that before you can run you must walk! It may be that both experiences relate to the same situation, in which case a difficulty can be resolved comparatively quickly and ingeniously; then again it could be that a happy development in one area of life is offset by a disappointment in another.

Either way, the important factor is recognizing that life is never stagnant. Wednesday’s lunar eclipse marks the end of a gestation period, so you may well feel that a love affair has reached a turning point. Take it nice and slow.

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

Crabs have a tough shell for the purpose of protecting their soft and tender interiors, and it’s something you’re going to be very thankful for during the next few days. You’ll need to remind yourself that people do not always mean what they say, and that sometimes others behave badly because they’re hurting. At all costs avoid pushing your enemies to the limit – and your friends for that matter– and while you may discover just how much someone is prepared to do for you, the reverse could also be the case.

What happens in an astrological climate like this is that anything or anyone made of the right stuff always comes through. Does it matter about the rest?

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

It’s not every day you have a lunar eclipse in your sign, but when you do you know it is time to close a chapter of some description. You may already know what this implies, because you are in transition; on the other hand events from now until mid-December could inspire an ending and a beginning. Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without effort, or under easy astrological influences: you need the tension created by warring planetary aspects to get anywhere at all! So, whether you are celebrating the events that are taking you in new directions or feeling less than elated about what is happening, you are surely becoming richer for your experience.

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (26 Nov - 2 Dec,'12)

If we were only looking at a Venus-Saturn conjunction, I’d be explaining that this would be the perfect time to make a commitment of the heart or sign up to a long-term agreement, however, this is a complex astro-scape, and one where actions have consequences beyond those you can see. Clearly, if you are making a life-changing move, you need a lot of planetary muscle, but if you are under pressure and already uncertain about a situation, hold back.

On Monday, Mercury returns to normal service, so there will be a few days in which new information could surface changing the perceived wisdom. Give other people a chance to reveal their agendas.

Weekly Predictions... Aries (26 Nov- 2 Dec,'12)

You have had many years to discover that if you rush in where angels fear to tread you sustain a bruising, and maybe that’s a risk you’re still prepared to take because sometimes you get a result; however, when ruler, Mars, is conjunct Pluto and a lunar eclipse is in the mix, you need to be as cautious as it is possible to be. Fight that impulse to tell someone where he or she can go; swallow your pride, recognize the opposition, and do everything you can to acquire distance and perspective.

Of course, this may be the time that all your ships come in – you’d expect a planetary gathering like this – but to be on the safe side, keep your head below the parapet.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Twelve Houses in Vedic Astrology

In the Vedic system, the signs of 30 degrees each are used as each of the 12 Houses.

The complete sign of the Ascendant is used as the 1st House, so if one has 13 degrees 20 minutes of Leo rising, then the whole sign of Leo is the 1st House, the complete sign of Virgo constitutes the 2nd House and so on.

The Angular Houses:

House 1 is you, House 4 is your home, House 7 is your spouse, and House 10 is your career. These houses correspond to the Physical Plane. When several planets tenant these houses in a horoscope, the native is more concerned with physical reality and manifesting things there. They are the houses of power, giving or not giving the native the power to manifest things in the physical world. They correspond to the Moveable Signs of the Zodiac, i.e., Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Since moveable signs’ energetic manifestation is centrifugal (moving away from a concentrated center), the angular houses which correspond to them are also centrifugal and are best described as creative, initiating, manifesting, building.

These houses create the foundation of your life. When these houses are strong, the chart holds power and distinction. When tenanted by malefics, the chart is still very strong and the person will be powerful, but only after he or she has worked very hard for it and “paid their dues” so to speak. Malefics in angles make a person ruthless because of the lack of natural luck in getting what they want. Benefics in angular houses will give immense success and the person will be of virtuous character and have a more jovial disposition. If natal planets occupy angular houses AND moveable signs, for example: Sun in First house AND in Aries, then the person will be extraordinarily outgoing and aggressive, but will lack in introspection. This is because the principle of manifestation is applying in both instances, i.e., the house and the sign.

House 1 – House of the Self

This is the house of your body and general character traits. It is also referred to as the Ascendant or “Lagna” in Sanskrit. It is roughly equivalent to the Western Sun Sign. The Moon sign and Moon nakshatra is also very important in Vedic Astrology and will be explained elsewhere on this site. You perceive and transmute energy through the lens of the Ascendant. It is who you are on a primordial level. It is who you are generally. When well aspected it can give fame, beauty, popularity, good health and the ability to make a good first impression. When afflicted, it can do the opposite.

The planet ruling the 1st house becomes a symbol for you in the chart. It is referred to as the “Ascendant Lord”. Its sign, house placement, and planets aspecting it, have a lot to do with your characteristics and the major karmas affecting you throughout life.

House 4 – House of the Home/Mother

The fourth house is watery, a house of moksha or enlightenment. The 4th is an angular house so planets here will manifest physically and give power to the chart. It symbolizes among other things, the endings of life, or old age. It also symbolizes the inner life of a person.

The fourth house is the point in the sky directly below the earth or “out of sight” at the time of the native’s birth. Therefore, it symbolizes things that are literally below the native, i.e., real estate, one’s home, fixed assets. Also, any type of conveyances, such as cars, planes, boats, or bicycles. It is an angular house so signifies foundations of one’s life.

Representing the mother, the first person to contact the native and build a relationship with him, the 4th house symbolizes general happiness and well-being, upon which the native builds his general attitude to life.

It also rules academic degrees and afflictions can prevent such. Body parts ruled are chest and breasts.

House 7 – The House of the Spouse

The 7th house in a kama house or house of desire. It is also an angular house corresponding to physical manifestation.

The 7th house, being an angular house, will give power to any planets posited within. Since planets posited here will aspect the Ascendant, the person will draw the from characteristics of that planet.

Ruling the wife/husband, look to the 7th house for clues as to the spouse’s character and appearance. As well as if the quality of the marriage and also divorce. While delineating these things, one must be careful to note the 5th house (love from spouse), the 2nd house (family life) for overall married life interpretation. Sexual passion is seen from this house.

The lord of the 7th house represents the wife, along with Venus, in a man’s chart. It will show the type of wife he will get and her general character. For a woman, along with the 7th house, Jupiter represents the husband.

7th house also denotes residence in foreign countries. For millennia in India, this was considered a terrible fate, so malefics here, especially Saturn, will make the person set up household far away from his native land. He or she will gain distinction in foreign countries.

House 10 – House of the Career

The 10th house is the strongest angular house. Planets placed here gain tremendous strength and are highly significant for a person’s character and life, overpowering even the Ascendant. The 10th, being an angular house, any planets placed here will manifest in physical reality.

Look to this house for career success and fame. The 10th house is the midheaven, or the point in the sky directly above the earth at one’s birth. Because of this, actions and phenomena associated with this house are highly visible.

The Succedent Houses:

House 2 is wealth, family life, childhood, food & drink, speech, environment; House 5 is children, love affairs, quality of love from spouse, investments, gambling, sports, creations such as paintings, books, sculptures, spiritual practices such as mantra, tantra, yoga; House 8 is manner of death, 1st spouse’s income, mysticism, astrology, occult knowledge (knowledge of hidden things), longevity, sexual attractiveness, venereal diseases, wills, insurance claims, surgery; House 11 is friends, income, titles, and a slightly malefic house because it is the 6th from the 6th and 12th from the 12th.

Succedent houses are, among other things, “gains” of the Angular Houses. The 2nd house is earnings from yourself, like your income and quality of home life, the 5th house are the gains of your home life, i.e. children, quality of love from spouse and other creations one would do at home. The 8th House is gains from your spouse i.e. the spouse’s income. The 11th House denotes “gains” from your career such as friends and large sums of money.

House 2 – House of Wealth

The 2nd House denotes the quality of family life. Afflictions to such can cause an unhappy childhood. In delineating married life, it is important to note the condition of the 2nd House along with the 7th and the 5th. Body parts represented by this House are the face and teeth. Afflictions to the 2nd can cause dental problems or give facial scars. Since the 2nd rules speech, malefics in the 2nd will cause a person to be overly argumentative and want to constantly bicker. I have seen this through personal experience. I knew someone with a debilitated Mars and Rahu in the 2nd (both extreme malefics and one of them debilitated!) and he had incredible problems with his teeth. A few of them rotted out, due to his 2 pack of cigarettes a day habit (2nd house rules food, drinks, and drugs; again, anything that “feeds” a person, gives them pleasure).

The 2nd rules writing ability and teaching. An overwhelmingly well-disposed 2nd House will create a famous writer. Personally, I have seen that an active 2nd House will predispose the Native towards constant reading and learning. Many people with active 2nd Houses work in book stores or love to read on the Internet.

The quality of what a person eats and drinks can be seen here. Also, foul language and the tendency to lie is seen from this house.

House 5 – The House of Children

The 5th House rules children, but also rules “creations” of any kind, such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, films, novels, etc. A well fortified 5th House will bring many of these things whether they be children or some other type of creation. Afflictions to the 5th, especially Mars afflictions, can bring abortions or miscarriages.

A person’s past life karma is seen from this House. If one does not believe in “past lives”, then you can say that a person’s inevitable life choices can be seen here. This manifests as unavoidable actions in the area of life where the 5th Lord is located. For example, if the 5th Lord is in the 3rd House, then the person has unavoidable karma linked to the arts and/or short distance travel (inner-city travel), sales, younger siblings, and/or manual dexterity. The 5th House Lord posited in the 4th House will bring inevitable Karma with one’s Mother, real estate, conveyances, and the inner life of the person.

The 5th House rules sports, speculation and gambling. It also rules intelligence. A well posited Mars in the 5th can create an athlete. Jupiter well fortified in the 5th can make someone brilliant or interested in religious techniques such as chanting mantras or pranayama.

House 8 – The House of Death

This is the traditional explanation of this House but can be misleading because the 8th is also a House of Life. The 8th House is considered when delineating a person’s longevity. The manner of death can be seen from this House. The 8th House rules the occult sciences, such as Astrology, Mediumship and Psychic practices. Occultism is literally “hidden knowledge”. Sometimes an active 8th House will put a person in touch with alternative realities, I have often seen them have contact with ghosts. This usually manifests when there is a malefic influence on the 8th.

The 8th House is also the House of sexual attractiveness. Strong 8th Houses give the person “sex symbol” status.

Chronic illnesses and accidents are seen from this house. An 8th House blessed by benefic planetary occupation or aspects will give the Native protection from serious injury. Venus in the 8th, in a man’s chart is problematic and usually indicates divorce. Because the 8th House is also a house of destruction, planets posited there can be seriously harmed as well as their significations.

House 11 – The House of Large Sums, Gains and Friends

The 11th House signifies gains from side ventures and large sums of money. When one enters a period of the 11th House Lord, or Jupiter or Saturn transit through the 11th House, that time is distinguished by financial gains or losses from other sources besides one’s daily job. It also signifies an increase or decrease in the social life.

The 11th House also rules the eldest sibling. Afflictions to such will give either a strained relationship with them or a hard life for the sibling.

The Cadent Houses:

The Cadent Houses are House 3, the House of younger siblings, performing arts, short distance and inner-city travels, manual dexterity; House 6, the House of enemies, co-workers, subordinates, general health, medicine, service jobs, restaurants and caterers; House 9, the House of spiritual teachers, higher knowledge (knowledge of the future), foreign and long distance travel, good luck, 2nd marriage, foreigners; House 12, the House of Enlightenment, sexual pleasure, hospitals, jails, far-away, remote lands.

House 3 – The House of the Siblings

The 3rd House rules the performing arts and artists in general. The product of the artist such as paintings, films, songs, etc., is ruled by the 5th House. The quality of the relationship or the quality of life for the siblings can be seen here. Short distance travel and inner-city travel are ruled by the 3rd House. The 3rd House rules salesmen, public relations, retail. It also rules arms, shoulders and hands. As a natural consequence, manual dexterity such as carpentry and mechanics is seen from this house.

Curiosity and courage are attributes of a well-disposed 3rd House. A person who has affliction to the Third is fearful and often has more than one phobia.

House 6 – The House of Enemies

“Enemies” is a rather strong word to describe the 6th. Think of enemies as anyone who can benefit from a situation more than you can. Co-workers and people with whom you are taking a test can be thought of as “enemies” in this sense. People with a well-fortified 6th House usually make great test-takers. Benefics in the 6th House make a person very well liked so that they have no enemies. Malefic planets (Mars, the Sun, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu) are welcome in the 6th and give the person the power to defeat his or her enemies.

General health is ruled by the 6th, so benefics here will give excellent health but poor digestion. The 6th rules digestion and a malefic in the sixth (a house where malefics are welcomed) will give power to the digestive system.

Some astrologers say that the 3rd House rules secretaries, but I have found from experience that the 6th House holds that distinction. It rules all detail work and subordinate positions.

House 9 – The House of Fortune

The 9th House is the most auspicious House of the 12 Houses. It provides good luck in life, higher knowledge, spirituality, and a spiritual teacher. Differing from the 5th House which is the House of Mantras and Spiritual Techniques, the 9th House provides the person with a spiritual teacher and the interest in and blessing of spirituality. The 9th House rules knowledge of the future which is considered higher knowledge.

A healthy dose of Luck is seen from this House. If the 9th is afflicted, problems are not easily solved. Ruling foreigners and long-distance and foreign travel, if the 9th is afflicted, the Native has problems in these areas, such as losing luggage at the airport, problems with his/her passport, negative experiences in foreign countries, etc., etc. If the 9th is well disposed, the opposite is the case.

The father is seen from this House. Some astrologers deem the 10th House as the House of the Father, but this has not been my experience.

House 12 – The House of Enlightenment

A horoscope in which the 12th House figures prominently, gives the native a disinterest in worldly pursuits and an interest in Enlightenment. Monks, nuns, yogis, saddhus and ascetics are ruled by the 12th House. If the 12th House energy does not manifest in this way, then there is a great deal of sexual pleasure experienced by the Native.

Captivity and seclusion are 12th House matters. Hospitals, jails and monasteries are 12th House places. When the native has severe 12th House detriment, the person is often in and out of jail.

The 12th also rules far away, distant lands like Bangladesh, Nepal or Java, not foreign countries like Britain or France. Spiritual seekers often go to these distant lands to seek out a guru. Far-away lands can also be thought of as the Alaskan tundra or Antarctica.