Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (1st July - 7th July, '13)

Charm, graciousness, and spontaneity will be the keys to your success during this phase since your sun sign lord Jupiter is placed in the 5th house with Sun and Mercury. However, the placement of the 6th house lord – Sun in the 5th house indicates that you may need to adopt the “carrot and stick” approach of rewarding ideal behavior and punishing trespassers who stray from the ideal line when you are dealing with associates at work.

You need to be conservative in your financial planning during this period and avoid raising debts to fund investments as this may lead you into a vicious debt-trap. Success at work will be in proportion to your efforts and expertise. 1st, 2nd and 3rd are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (1st July - 7th July, '13)

Mercury, Jupiter, and Sun jointly trigger the solar 6th house urging you to fulfill your personal commitments to society by way of altruistic service and also to organize your lifestyle in a harmonious way. The best of your good luck influences will be in the work sector of your life. Since your 11th house lord is transiting the 6th house, you may be of great help in furthering the personal goals of close friends, or play a role in helping them to get a proper grip on their lives.

Venus in the 7th house indicates that you can gain much by partnership ventures, and your progress could hinge on the appropriate actions/decisions taken by your associates. This is a good time for romantic pursuits. 6th and 7th are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (1st July - 7th July, '13)

Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury trigger your partnership sector simultaneously bringing relationship issues to the fore. There could be resistance to your plans, and others working at cross-roads to your objectives may cause unnecessary obstacles on your way. The positive side of this is that such obstacles/obstructions will help you to steel your resolve and may actually help you to develop qualities that will facilitate achievement of your long-term goals.

There could be change of residence for many of you, or some household issues that you may need to take care of. This is not the best of times to be aggressive in your search for the right partner. 4th, 5th, and 6th are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (1st July - 7th July, '13)

This is the time to take a step back and concentrate on practicalities/ necessities of life – like handling insurance matters, managing legacy settlements, or getting the documentations pertaining to your properties in order. Flashy investment options and risky avenues must be shunned like plague during this phase of your life. With Mars – the angry planet in the 7th house losing the polishing touch of Jupiter from last week, there is heightened risk of friction in interpersonal relationships due to your intemperate remarks or irritability.

Venus in the 9th house gives you a taste for the exotic in love and wander-lust to explore new places in the world. This is an average week for you.

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (1st July - 7th July, '13)

With Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury auspiciously triggering the solar 9th house of your chart, you are likely to enjoy a grand run during this period. If there is any disagreement/conflict, your views are likely to prevail over those of others. Apart from your competitive side coming to the fore, you are also likely to be in an altruistic frame of mind, and will readily give suitable advice to those who seek your counsel. This is a great period for self-improvement activities, new learning, and for travels.

Mars in the solar 8th house can predispose you towards minor injuries/allergies, but these will be manageable. Your hypnotic gaze, convincing words expressed in assertive tone, and purposeful actions will help you to achieve all that you set out for this week. Romance is possible in professional settings. Avoid major decisions on 6th and 7th.

Weekly Predictions... Libra (1st July - 7th July, '13)

Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury are energizing your solar 10th house making you very goal oriented in your approach. As Jupiter the 6th house lord for your sun sign is in the 10th house, there is possibility that your one-pointed goal-oriented approach may bring you into conflict with other ambitious persons at work due to clash of goals/objectives. However, Venus in your solar 11th house gives you the ability to deploy your charms and diffuse tension in interpersonal dynamics – not only at work but even in other sectors of life.

This is a period when you can cultivate new friendships or renew old contacts. This is a good week to plan your long-term investments. Health could be slightly below par and some of you may require aggressive medical intervention. 4th and 5th are sensitive days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (1st July - 7th July, '13)

With Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury bristling with energy in your solar 11th house, the stubborn issues that remained unresolved last month will gradually get solved one by one. Inertial will give way to momentum in life, and support of friends/allies will help you round up on success- converting half-chances into grand victories in your favour. However, you still need patience to enjoy the full benefit of the generally positive energies as the ruler of your solar 8th house transits your solar 10th house – the professional sector.

What you think might be at odds with what others have in mind, and there is a possibility that some grand chance might slip under your nose due to machinations of other… Just let things drift when you have no control over the outcomes – ultimately you will get what you deserve! Avoid taking impulsive decisions on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Weekly Predictions... Leo (1st July - 7th July, '13)

As Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury transit your solar 12th house – the house of subconscious, your understanding regarding important issues will be evolving gradually as a result of assimilation of lessons from past experiences. You need to spend more time by yourself, devote more time to your personal goals, and give mental space for yourself from others. Don’t let yourself to be crowded or rushed – even by people whom you consider as most important for your life – during this period. Things can be refreshingly positive in romantic matters – but in other areas of your life, you must ideally hold back, maintain a low profile, and prepare in secret so that you can go all out on a conquest spree later on.

If some associations need to be severed, do so without animosity or regret – accepting change as a natural course of things in life. Avoid risky investments and unnecessary quarrels, and conserve your resources.

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (1st July - 7th July, '13)

With ambitious Sun, diplomatic Mercury, and optimistic Jupiter triggering your solar ascendant, this is a great period when you can make positive impression on others. You must be willing to put your past behind and start new personal cycles to take your life forward on a positive note. You will have strong personal presence and if you use this intelligently, you can manifest great results for yourself and for those around you.

You will have a strong philosophical and pioneering streak, and this is a great period for higher educational endeavours, or advanced training related to your field of work. At work, there could be times when you may have to contend with irritable associates, but generally your superiors will be supportive of you as you tackle sensitive situations. A positive period on the cards!

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (1st July - 7th July, '13)

With Jupiter, Sun and Mercury triggering your solar 2nd house, your financial situation will receive a positive boost if you invest sparingly and intelligently capitalizing on the available opportunities. Since the 10th house lord Jupiter energizes your 2nd house, you will gain much just by focusing your energies at work. The lord of your speculation house – Venus being placed in the 3rd house indicates that there are times this week when you may need to take calculated risks boldly and invest with confidence to improve your prosperity potential.

You need to avoid unnecessary anger and distractive behavior as the lord of your 6th house – Mars placed in your solar ascendant can make you reckless and prone to fights/minor accidents. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (1st July - 7th July, '13)

Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter illuminating your communications sector indicate that you could be busy with many things happening around you, and lot of scope for movement forward in life. You will be able to strengthen your connection with others by acknowledging the hard efforts that they have taken on your behalf. Your curiosity and alertness will help you to get better informed regarding your current matters. Siblings/cousins/neighbours may have an important role than usual in your life – maybe as subtle influence on your personality or as overt support for your goals.

You may excel in multi-tasking during this period which is unusual for a Taurean. Work goals may be achieved while working in association with others. Avoid unnecessary temper outbursts and unnecessary expenditure that is atypical of you, and you will do fine this week.

Weekly Predictions... Aries (1st July - 7th July, '13)

As Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter energize the 4th house of your chart, this is a time when much of your energies could be focused on stability of your life or improving domestic conditions or ambience at home. This is a great time for making major investments in real-estate. You may feel more connected to your mother/ maternal relatives during this period. Venus in your solar 5th house gives you the ability to make great investment decisions based on intuitive prompts.

Romantic experiences will be exciting and exotic. Some of you may dispose of old property to invest in lands/apartments in bigger cities; but do your calculations right before swapping property like that. At work, your results could be proportional to your efforts. 4th, 5th, and 6th are best days this week.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (24th June - 30th June. '13)

Sun continues to light up your solar 5th house allowing to be spontaneous, bubbly, and optimistic. Venus transits your solar 6th house from June 27th; however, even this will only serve to make you more likeable and sociable at work. You will be efficient without losing the fun element of your personality during this period which can motivate everyone around you. You will excel in tasks that involve coordinating with others and establishing harmony. Your diplomacy and tact can help in resolving potentially explosive situations amicably. However, as Mercury turns retrograde in your solar 5th house from June 26th, you must be wary of people from your past resurfacing to taunt you or haunt you in some ways. Don’t make the mistake of giving too much leeway to others at your own cost and avoid trying to connect with people who are no longer there for you as romantic choices.

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (24th June - 30th June, '13)

Sun energizes the solar 6th house of your chart which makes you analytical, thorough, and hard-working. Mercury – your 5th house lord also transits the solar 6th house indicating that you are in no mood for empty fun but will need deeper soul-level commitment in your interactions with others. There could be a few issues with close ones especially if you perceive them as being unappreciative of what you are doing for them. You may need to redo certain works due to changed situations or because someone in your team messes up certain details. Venus transits in to your solar 7th house helping you to keep yourself balanced inspite of the general tendency towards being a perfectionist and expecting the same from others. An average week is on the cards for you.

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (26th June - 30th June, '13)

Presence of Sun in the solar 7th house of your chart will make you achieve your best when you work in close collaboration with a compatible partner. Discussing your plans with a trusted person will help you to identify loopholes in your plans that you missed out on earlier. Your focus will be on striking a healthy balance in your interactions with others. Venus enters your solar 8th house on June 27th, impelling you to form deep/intimate bond with a significant other. There will be more of substance than flash in such romantic interactions – a soul-level, deep, silent bond that is best appreciated by the persons concerned and not discernible to others. Mercury turning retrograde in your 7th house indicates possible delays/frustrations at work caused by inefficiency of others around you. Avoid entering new partnerships during this period. 23rd, 24th, 27th and 28th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (24th June - 30th June, '13)

You will be under mixed planetary signals... While Sun in your 8th house urges you to introspect, concentrate on practicalities, and be practical in your dealings, Venus moving into your solar 9th house gives you a taste for the exotic and untried aspects of life. Your romantic choices during this period can be unconventional or radical in some way. Mercury moving in your 8th house turns retrograde on June 26th. This highlights the need to be careful while dealing with other people’s finances, while standing surety for others, and while raising new loans. Risky financial activities are to be totally avoided. Don’t rely on others making the right choices in joint business activities as they may fail in their roles and you may end up spending valuable resources/time in setting matters right. A tricky period on the cards.

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (24th June - 30th June, '13)

Sun continues to energize your 9th house inspiring you to expand your horizons and broaden your views. You will excel in applying your unique skill-sets to practical situations and impress everyone with your dynamism at work. Venus moves into your solar 10th house adding a touch of “likeability” to your normally cold and efficient work style. You will have the knack to convey even harsh truths in acceptable words and manage to elicit the cooperation of everyone due to this ability. Mercury turns retrograde on June 26th. It is best to be clear and straightforward in financial dealings with others. Travel plans may go haywire at the last moment, and so it will be wise to keep backup plans in place if your original plans fail to take off. 23rd, 24th, 30th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Libra (24th June - 30th June, '13)

Sun continues to illuminate your career sector urging you to strive for the best, however, Mercury being retrograde in the same house from June 26th highlights the need to be careful in your career moves. Try putting off making definite career decisions as much as possible. Also, extra care must be exercised when communicating with both superiors and co-workers to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. It is best to think on ways to improve your lot at work, but not act upon those ideas in haste now. Venus moves into your solar 11th house from June 27th making your more likeable and sociable. Gains will come through your own initiative when you apply yourself diligently at your usual work routines. 27th and 28th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (24th June - 30th June, '13)

Though Sun continues to energize your solar 11th house enabling new associations and facilitating profits through networking, Venus moves into your solar 12th house from June 27th highlighting the need for secrecy regarding your associations. Especially in romance, you may need to keep your relationship under wraps for some more time due to practical reasons. You are also likely to be somewhat passive rather than active in establishing new connections or associations. As Mercury ruling your solar ascendant and 10th house turns retrograde from June 26th, you need to avoid taking major career decisions this week. Situations can take a turn in the near future that may render current decisions/ moves irrelevant. Maintain a low profile this week.

Weekly Predictions... Leo (24th June - 30th June, '13)

Though Sun’s transit through your solar 12th house impels you to introspect and hold back on certain matters, Venus’ transit into your solar ascendant from June 27th adds charisma to your personality. So, even if you hold yourself back, your silent efficiency will weave a web of magic on those who happen to work around you. Mercury turns retrograde from June 26th, and as this happens in your solar 12th house, you must exercise extra care while trying to safeguard secrets; otherwise, you may unwittingly reveal something that you would rather keep private. Try to be non-judgmental but keep an eye out for deceptiveness in the behavior of others to keep yourself safe. 23rd, 24th, 27th, and 28th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (24th June - 30th June, '13)

Venus moves into your solar 2nd house on June 27th. This is a naturally auspicious Venus transit giving sweetness to speech, magnetism to appearance, and good luck in financial matters. As you already have Sun in your solar ascendant, you will find it easier to create a positive impression on others, express your needs to others, and get your work done with ease. However, Mercury getting into a retrograde cycle from June 26th and transiting your solar ascendant indicates that there are times when your body language/ facial expressions may convey mixed signals and even potentially cause minor misunderstandings. Also, your intuition which is usually reliable may not be so during this period. It is best to stick on to a rational and logical approach in all matters during this period.

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (24th June - 30th June, '13)

Venus moves into your solar 3rd house on June 27th. You are likely to be cheerful in your approach to others and will excel in written forms of communication. Gains can come through siblings, written communication and short trips. You will excel in mediating conflicts between others around you and facilitating win-win solutions to vexatious issues. Mercury in your solar second house can help you to come up with innovative ideas that may be potentially gainful; however, since Mercury becomes retrograde from June 26th, you may need to recheck your ideas for practical feasibility or else, you might end up tying yourself up on projects that look grand on paper but turn out bland and unworkable in reality. 23rd, 24th, and 25th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (24th June - 30th June, '13)

Venus moves into your solar 4th house from June 27th. You may become more receptive and sentimental in your approach to romantic matters during this period. Stability, loyalty and empathy will be the qualities that you will seek in your partners during this period. This is a good period for initiating plans to improve ambience at home and work-place. On the flip side, the retrograde motion of Mercury – your 2nd and 5th house lord could cause situations where you may find that others around you may fail to keep up their end of the bargain and may go back on their verbal assurances. If you are reckless in financial investments, large chunks of your earnings might be wiped out by a merciless and unpredictable market. 27th and 28th are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Aries (24th June - 30th June, '13)

Venus moves into your solar 5th house on June 27th paving the way for breakthroughs in romantic matters. You may be able to charm others even without lifting a finger. Though Mercury continues to activate the 4th house along with Sun, its going into retrograde motion from June 26th can cause certain misunderstandings and communication delays. This is not the right period for signing major contracts. Try to be objective in your evaluation of persons and events. Efforts to improve matters on the home-front may not be met with noticeable results as other factors beyond your control may play spoil-sport. Speculative activities will give moderate gains, but this is not a time for taking major risks in financial matters. An average week on the cards.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

With all the cosmic emphasis on Gemini this week, the focus is pretty much on family affairs. However, you need to be reflective and caring in your personal relationships at the start, because someone you know might be crafty and deceitful in money matters. Detach yourself from problems. You need to view them from a higher perspective to gain insight and answers. Thursday's New Moon in luscious Cancer urges you to make a new start, perhaps even with an ego-boosting attraction. Yum! Old addictions like drinking, smoking could be kicked at the end of the week, but don't get mentally stressed or anxious or this could bring health problems.

Of course there will be fun times too and moments of celebration. There could even be a marriage, an addition to the family, or recognition and rewards for your performance, especially on the weekend when a commitment is due. Are you waiting for love? You will not be disappointed.

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

Your creativity and interests will take a positive turn this week, especially at the start. Expect a busy time, despite your inclination to relax and be alone. Love is in the air, Aquarius! Mixed emotions come to the surface in the lead up to Thursday's New Moon, but you are on stable ground and can make significant gains on the professional front. You may plan to join someone in another town or even another country.

New collaborations and bonding might take place this week, but there is no letting up on the work front, with many meetings and new deals. Partnership and enjoying the company of someone special is featured at the end of the week. Go with the flow and don't look back. Consistency will reap rewards for you. Be patient.

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

The emotional moments of the last few days now turns to the need for commitment and the formation of new partnerships under this week's New Moon in the sensitive sign of Cancer. Personal relationships could even be loving and wondrous. Plans for business collaboration and for partnerships seem to be lucrative, but should be discussed at length before signing, because Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, is retrograde in your zone of shared finances. Still, there could be some great bonding too. Good times with family and friends are in the stars. Mutual attraction will enable you to come closer to an opposite number on the romantic front on the weekend. Your social circle is enlarged too.

An active social life is fuelled by endless energy. Reach out to for the opportunities that come your way. By the end of the week, you should skip your duties and obligations, as you head for an adventurous and wonderful experience.

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

Listen to your heart rather than your head, Sagittarius. The New Moon this week promises that you'll share memorable moments with someone special, that's if you land on your feet as usual as you jump with the swings and roundabouts of fortune! Mood swings can't be ruled out, though your brilliant personality will support you through a crazy time of ups and downs. Thursday and Friday are quite positive for travel and for dealings with foreigners. You may also receive some spiritual guidance from an unexpected source. There is no need to compare yourself with others; go with the flow and bloom in your own unique way.

Your heart and head may pull you in different directions, as chances are that you may feel sad about parting with an old friend. Spend the weekend at home and allow time and space for things to change in their own way.

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

Avoid stress as much as possible, Scorpio and don't take any physical risks now. Be careful on the road. You are likely to feel restless and bored with the normal routine and keen to introduce something new into your life. A fresh start under this week's New Moon is indicated if you have been trying to pick up lost ground on the romantic front. Keep your promises, because a good reputation is likely to draw someone closer to you, especially a foreigner, cultural or artistic type. Oooh.

So exciting! The divine cosmos will inspire you when resolving personal and professional conflicts. Sensuous and affectionate feelings are in the frame too, so you are sure to enjoy the material world. The weekend is great for hanging out with friends and exercising your intellect.

Weekly Predictions... Libra (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

Your life which seemed so complicated in regard to love and feelings is now beginning to settle down. With passionate Mars in your sign, romantic feelings will be quite exciting and your energy will be high. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and start to have a little fun. Love is in the air, so put a little time aside for a romantic getaway. Although the week certainly has some sudden ups and downs, the New Moon on Thursday opens up career opportunities and offers the chance for a new beginning with the Higher Ups, or helping people such as the boss or your father in their projects. Along with pleasure and recreation your networking is strong too, especially Thursday and Friday, which are perfect for putting your hopes and wishes front and centre.

You have the energy to tackle any project now, for your flair and charm will win the cooperation of others. Put your plans into action, as the cosmos is working hard for you.

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

Your management skills are likely to be praised by higher ups at the start. An excellent week is coming on both financial and emotional fronts, as you enjoy the Midas touch, but because Mercury is retrograde in Leo, you need to take care with secret agreements, or matters that are hidden behind the scenes. If you are in love and till now have not expressed your feelings, this is a good time to do so, especially after the New Moon on Thursday when a friend may wish to become more. You may discover a side of your sentimental and sensuous nature that you had not known before. A colleague or school friend from the opposite camp may approach you in the most wonderful way, leaving you on Cloud Nine.

Togetherness with a special person leaves you smiling and friends and family can be wonderful and supportive. The weekend sees you shining with the Lunar Light, as the Moon is in your sign. That will make you popular!

Weekly Predictions... Leo (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

Hi, Leo! This is an excellent week when you do generally well in whatever catches your fancy. A leisure trip with someone special is in the stars. Window shopping with a close friend or partner will not only be pleasurable, but also enhance togetherness. It's so social! Your popularity will go through the roof! Life presents you with new opportunities and connections that lead to major inner and outer changes coming to fruition after Thursday's New Moon. A remarkable new person makes a difference to your environment and energy this week. It is very important to build an active relationship now.

Breaking old ties may isolate you, so rebuild bridges that have been burnt. You are full of renewed spirit and vigour and all set to hit the pinnacle of glory.

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

Hi Cancer! Something unexpected may throw you off balance for a while. Let go of the past and move into the new current. This is the time of new beginnings, so out with the old and in with the new! Tuesday and Wednesday are mixed and moody, but Thursday's New Moon is in your sign, marking a very significant period for you, my sweet Crabs. Fresh plans are due, with a change in lifestyle. More organized habits are in and old routines are out this week. Go with the flow rather than resisting the changes.

Travel and movement are the thing on the weekend. You may meet strange people in even stranger places. Getting close and possessive is likely. Beware of jealousy. Feelings and emotions may rise as personal relationships become more intense. You will to deal with a rival on the romantic front in a truly subtle way.

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

You're more eloquent than usual, Gemini, and can improve your social life by trying new places. Meeting someone in person you have a crush on is possible this week! Why not throw a big party on the weekend or entertain (and impress) an important person? Be sure to get the facts straight (like the dates and times) as Mercury is retrograde for a few weeks. Money matters could be quite a bugbear, with some big arguments due midweek. Don't lose your temper, as it won't do you any good. Thursday's New Moon asks you to review your financial issues and also come down on one side or the other in deciding what you truly want and value (Ugh! Not your style!) The latter part of the week is quite chatty and the parties will be on in your neighborhood. Very dramatic.

The home fires burn hotter on Saturday, but Sunday sees the Sun enter Leo, so you'll be socializing for the month ahead, and having fun with siblings and neighbors, running around and generally communicating. Check out new transport, phones, computers etc, as the tech world is beckoning!

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

We all know you are a smart and practical person, Taurus and as financial benefits are there early on, don't miss them. You are grounded and don't fly high and fast, so you might avoid the consequences of the dark Moon and even turn the energy into a meaningful relationship. It's time to make a new beginning in your neighborhood after some lurching ups and downs midweek. Your smart conversation, text, and ability to see things in perspective will stand you in good stead, especially as the New Moon calls on Thursday. Put your feelings into artistic form. A poetic expression of your emotions will be just the thing.

There may also be discussions on public or professional matters, but don't be pushed into making quick decisions while Mercury is in retrograde. Saturday and Sunday have quite a romantic edge, so if you are looking for love you could be lucky; someone sweet might enter your life, turning it the most glorious shade of rainbow colors.

Weekly Predictions... Aries (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

This week begins on a communicative note, but then as the Moon darkens towards the New Moon on Thursday, many emotional issues come to the fore. Your happy-go-lucky attitude will urge you to journey for pleasure, and your relations with your siblings or your steady will cheer you up. Domestic tension might worry you midweek, when misunderstanding and dark clouds loom on the horizon. Don't make hasty or impulsive decisions midweek and be sure to wear a helmet or a safety belt while on the road. Tuesday and Wednesday are very up and down, so resist the urge to take chances.

After Thursday's New Moon, you'll be drawn to someone sweet. Get out and have some fun on the weekend, either exercising in the open air, or in the gym. From Sunday the cosmos is more creative and even romantic for you. Try not to be too stubborn, especially when doing things with someone special.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (10th June -16th June, '13)

Worldly matters are not that important to you as you will be more focused towards getting in touch with your own roots, grooming your family members, nurturing family relationships, and feeling connected with the culture/ethos of your ancestors. This is a good period for initiating activities geared towards improving ambience and harmony in your living spaces. Look within for answers regarding the puzzles in your life during this introspective period.

Your lively spirit and sensitive psyche will be in tune with others around you, and romantic possibilities are great. You will have unique productive ideas and will also possess the ability to express them in a clear and impressive way before others. You will be more willing to take a few calculated risks when it comes to investments and business plans, and such risks will pay off handsome results. 12th, 13th, and 14th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (10th June - 16th June, '13)

Your spontaneity and friendly approach to things will charm everyone around you. This is a good period for recreational activities, spending time with kids at home, and romance as you are likely to be more fun-loving and easy-going during this period. The flip side is that you may become impatient with others who are unable to share the same bubbly attitude as you possess. Also, you must be wary of spending too much time socializing at the cost of your work – especially you must shun the tendency to take it too easy as it may give the wrong impression that you are irresponsible while in reality you are not that!

Try living up to the idea of “work can be fun” – by approaching even standard jobs from a new angle, and your creativity and productivity won’t go unnoticed. A week of interesting possibilities is on the cards!

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (10th June - 16th June, '13)

The theme of being busy with lot of work piled on your plate continues from the previous week, and yes, the potential for achievement too! You will be in an analytical frame of mind which is just fine as you sort out priorities in your life, and work towards efficiency in your day-to-day functioning. In spite of such “striving for perfection” mode on a personal level, you will be more inclined to be sociable and pleasant in your interactions with others.

This can pave the way for harmonious interactions with others, and romantic possibilities are good this week. You will tend to weigh the pros and cons of every situation, and will also have the ability to think matters through from the perspective of others. This will enable you to convince others easily in negotiation settings. 12th, 13th, 15th, and 16th are best days this week.

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (10th June - 16th June, '13)

Rather than trying to push your own personal agenda, you must try to strike a healthy working relationship with significant others around you, and try working on realization of common goals. Diplomatic dealings will help you to heal old wounds that you might have inflicted on others unwittingly. There is possibility of gaining by the initiative taken by a partner – be it in business or in domestic matters. So work in close consultation with your partners and even if their views are radically different from your own, strive to find a healthy middle-ground so that you can work as a team.

You will be able to approach sensitive matters objectively, and hence this is an excellent period for planning touchy matters like joint-finances, settlement of legacies, reconciliation of financial disputes, etc.

Avoid taking major decisions on 12th, 13th and 14th. Rest of this week is okay for you.

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (10th June - 16th June, '13)

You are likely to be in touch with deeper elements of your own personality, and the result will be the typical scorpionic obsession with secrecy and intensity of emotions. You will want to handle things thoroughly and will be focused on handling practicalities like filing tax returns, managing funds of those who have entrusted their wealth to you, and managing intricate details of household matters/intra-organization hierarchies.

There is immense potential for transformation and if used wisely, this period could set the stage for your future development. In contrast to the conservative style you will adopt while handling practical routines, your heart will throb more passionately to exotic in romantic matters. This is also an excellent phase for expanding your knowledge base – by higher studies, or by travels. 14th, 15th, and 16th are excellent days.

Weekly Predictions... Libra (10th June - 16th June, '13)

Try looking at your life situations from a broader perspective as planetary energies indicate an optimistic tendency and ability to change things for the better. Don’t be satisfied with the normal routines that you may be performing to perfection… try expanding on them and ensure that you are involved in self-improvement activity someway – be it joining a new course, or travelling to a new place, or having philosophical contemplation to get better clarity. You will present a likeable persona at work, and even if you happen to wield positions of authority your exercise of authority will be in a way that others can feel secure around you. Social situations can arise in career settings for many of you.

Though you will be approachable to a great extent, and will be willing to share your ideas to help others, you won’t waste unnecessary time gossiping at work. A productive week is on the cards.

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (10th June - 16th June, '13)

Practical contributions that you can make towards progress of others and for your own professional enhancement will be the main factor ensuring personal satisfaction during this week. If you avoid the pitfalls of arrogance and stubbornness, you can achieve much during this period. There is the possibility of meeting someone compatible in group settings or social occasions. You can gain much financially by timely suggestions given by friends or well-wishers. You will be able to come up with innovative ideas that will capture the fancy of everyone.

You will have an intuitive ability to understand others and this empathetic approach could make you a darling of everyone around you. Sharing of thoughts with others can be important for you, and in the process of such sharing your will be able to edify your ideas very much. A highly productive week is on the cards.

Weekly Predictions... Leo (10th June - 16th June, '13)

You will be able to initiate plans that will bear fruit a few months down the line, network with significant others in your career line, and gain through friend during this auspicious phase. You are likely to be attracted by progressive thoughts and unconventional persons. You may be questioning some of the rules that you have been living by so far and will be willing to embrace change with an open mind. In romance, you may prefer to be away from hustle, bustle and flash, and prefer intimate moments in privacy with your loved one.

For some natives, shyness could mean missed opportunities in romance; make it a point to express your deepest feelings without inhibition in love matters. You may need to nurture your ambition/ goals secretly and not reveal it to others yet. 10th, 11th, and 12th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (10th June - 16th June, '13)

Try finishing up pending work and tying up loose ends in your projects rather than attempt anything new or drastically different during this period. If you feel the need to take a break from hectic routines, you must heed that feeling and nurture your feeling of wellness instead of burning yourself off. Spending some time by yourself in silent contemplation or just plain relaxation can be beneficial to you, and help you to maintain the motivation necessary to launch yourself in to the “conquest mode” when the opportunity arises later.

Others are likely to find you agreeable and cooperative. You must be direct in expressing your desires/needs to others. This is a great time for improving your appearance and work on psychological aspects of impressing others. 14th, 15th, and 16th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (10th June - 16th June, '13)

You may be a little more self-centred than usual – but this is not bad as long as you don’t take this to the extremes. You will feel no shortage of energy while applying yourself to accomplishment of your goals. This is an excellent period for effecting personal transformation and to raise the bar from mediocrity to excellence. Financial good luck could be a factor of how well you can interact and vibe with others around you. You will settle for someone who is familiar to you or from an identical background – rather than look for exotic/unknown in romantic matters. This is a good period for taking major financial decisions as you are likely to be very rational and practical in your approach to financial matters.

When it comes to communication, you will just speak enough to convey your ideas to others – but will not be unnecessarily gossipy. 12th, 13th, and 14th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (10th June - 16th June, '13)

Comfort zones of behavioral patterns will be most important to you and you are unlikely to take major risks in spite of an urge to boost your finances. You are likely to be very organized and will take risks/ chances only if the situations warrant it without an alternative choice. You are likely to be more cheerful than usual in your interaction with others, and there could be plenty of opportunity to socialize in your neighbourhood due to Venus’ transit over your solar 3rd house.

You may have a role in smoothing over differences between members of your working team or family by using your diplomatic and problem-solving skills this week. You may be able to sort out lot of info from all around and process them into workable tips. You will excel in written forms of communication. 10th, 11th, and 12th are best days.

Weekly Predictions... Aries (10th June - 16th June, '13)

You may be multi-tasking a lot during this period as practical necessities or your own curiosity will keep you engaged in variety of things – more than what is normal for you. If you use this period well, you may be able to come up with solutions to a number of issues in a unique way. You will feel intrinsic satisfaction in intellectual accomplishments and making connections/networking with others. Due to Venus’ sojourn on your solar 4th house, simple pleasures of life appeal to you most now… this can be essentially a “calming” influence.

You may be more receptive and gentle when it comes to romantic interactions. Due to Mercury’s influence on 4th house, you will have more retentive memory than usual and this is a good period for academic activities. 14th, 15th, and 16th are best days this week.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Leo (3rd June - 9th June, '13)

Though Jupiter, Mars, and Sun continue to energize your 11th house, helping you to maintain amiable social ties, the transit of Mercury and Venus into your 12th house indicates that there are times when things that you do out of friendship/sentimental reasons might turn against you. You cannot afford to give friends/associates too much leeway when they make repeated mistakes. Things may be foggy in romantic matters too, or there will be the need to keep your romantic interest towards someone under the wraps for some time during this period. Financial luck will be good, and long-term investments can be made with benefit.

Hidden issues might surface in career matters – and though there won’t be any major loss, they could have a shock-value (like betrayal of a close associate or unexpected under performance of a bright subordinate).

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (3rd June - 9th June, '13)

With Sun, Mars, and Jupiter on your 4th house, there could be preoccupation with managing your properties and investments, setting up or redecoration of a current residence/work place, or acquisition of gadgets to make your life more comfortable. As Venus ruling your 3rd and 8th houses transits your 5th house, sudden developments are possible in romance – either formation of a union or a break-up! In either case, it will be for your best. You will excel in written communication and networking with people, and you may be required to play peace-maker at home or at work during this period.

Medium-term investments are favoured now; don’t go for ultra-long-term locking of funds or short-term speculative attempts this week. Words may flow out of your mouth appropriately and sometimes prophetically….use this power responsibly and intelligently.