Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (1st July - 7th July, '13)

Mercury, Jupiter, and Sun jointly trigger the solar 6th house urging you to fulfill your personal commitments to society by way of altruistic service and also to organize your lifestyle in a harmonious way. The best of your good luck influences will be in the work sector of your life. Since your 11th house lord is transiting the 6th house, you may be of great help in furthering the personal goals of close friends, or play a role in helping them to get a proper grip on their lives.

Venus in the 7th house indicates that you can gain much by partnership ventures, and your progress could hinge on the appropriate actions/decisions taken by your associates. This is a good time for romantic pursuits. 6th and 7th are best days this week.

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