Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Aries (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

This week begins on a communicative note, but then as the Moon darkens towards the New Moon on Thursday, many emotional issues come to the fore. Your happy-go-lucky attitude will urge you to journey for pleasure, and your relations with your siblings or your steady will cheer you up. Domestic tension might worry you midweek, when misunderstanding and dark clouds loom on the horizon. Don't make hasty or impulsive decisions midweek and be sure to wear a helmet or a safety belt while on the road. Tuesday and Wednesday are very up and down, so resist the urge to take chances.

After Thursday's New Moon, you'll be drawn to someone sweet. Get out and have some fun on the weekend, either exercising in the open air, or in the gym. From Sunday the cosmos is more creative and even romantic for you. Try not to be too stubborn, especially when doing things with someone special.

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