Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (3rd June - 9th June, '13)

Sun, Mars, and Jupiter energizing your solar 5th house will give you the lust for adventure, and a higher appetite for the lighter things in life – play, romance, experimentation with new ideas just for the heck of it, and exploration of mysteries! Lot will be happening in your life now to warm your bubbly Aquarian spirit. With your 5th house lord Mercury transiting the solar 6th house, there may be the need to reappraise your investment plans – but the good thing is that you will find out what works best for you! Also, in romantic matters you may be choosy than normal – but again….you deserve the best now and when you are at your best, it is natural for you to seek the best!

You will be productive without being a slave driver of your team mates, and responsible without being irritable! In short, you have a great time on the cards!


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