Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (3rd June - 9th June, '13)

Sun transiting your 12th house with Mars and Jupiter emphasizes the need to be secretive regarding financial matters and long-term strategies. Subconscious urges or intuitive flashes will show you the way forward in all matters. On the flip side, repressed emotions or emotional baggage of past may resurface for some persons making it necessary for them to deal with those first before planning for the future. This is a period when people from your past may resurface, and if a reunion has been on your mind for some time in the recent past, this week could mark the beginning of such a process.

You will be perceptive and warm in your dealings with others endearing you to others. However there are times when you may do things in a way where your heart may overrule your head to your detriment.