Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Libra (1st July - 7th July, '13)

Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury are energizing your solar 10th house making you very goal oriented in your approach. As Jupiter the 6th house lord for your sun sign is in the 10th house, there is possibility that your one-pointed goal-oriented approach may bring you into conflict with other ambitious persons at work due to clash of goals/objectives. However, Venus in your solar 11th house gives you the ability to deploy your charms and diffuse tension in interpersonal dynamics – not only at work but even in other sectors of life.

This is a period when you can cultivate new friendships or renew old contacts. This is a good week to plan your long-term investments. Health could be slightly below par and some of you may require aggressive medical intervention. 4th and 5th are sensitive days this week.

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