Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Leo (3rd June - 9th June, '13)

Though Jupiter, Mars, and Sun continue to energize your 11th house, helping you to maintain amiable social ties, the transit of Mercury and Venus into your 12th house indicates that there are times when things that you do out of friendship/sentimental reasons might turn against you. You cannot afford to give friends/associates too much leeway when they make repeated mistakes. Things may be foggy in romantic matters too, or there will be the need to keep your romantic interest towards someone under the wraps for some time during this period. Financial luck will be good, and long-term investments can be made with benefit.

Hidden issues might surface in career matters – and though there won’t be any major loss, they could have a shock-value (like betrayal of a close associate or unexpected under performance of a bright subordinate).

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