Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (17th June - 23rd June, '13)

With all the cosmic emphasis on Gemini this week, the focus is pretty much on family affairs. However, you need to be reflective and caring in your personal relationships at the start, because someone you know might be crafty and deceitful in money matters. Detach yourself from problems. You need to view them from a higher perspective to gain insight and answers. Thursday's New Moon in luscious Cancer urges you to make a new start, perhaps even with an ego-boosting attraction. Yum! Old addictions like drinking, smoking could be kicked at the end of the week, but don't get mentally stressed or anxious or this could bring health problems.

Of course there will be fun times too and moments of celebration. There could even be a marriage, an addition to the family, or recognition and rewards for your performance, especially on the weekend when a commitment is due. Are you waiting for love? You will not be disappointed.

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