Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Leo (1st July - 7th July, '13)

As Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury transit your solar 12th house – the house of subconscious, your understanding regarding important issues will be evolving gradually as a result of assimilation of lessons from past experiences. You need to spend more time by yourself, devote more time to your personal goals, and give mental space for yourself from others. Don’t let yourself to be crowded or rushed – even by people whom you consider as most important for your life – during this period. Things can be refreshingly positive in romantic matters – but in other areas of your life, you must ideally hold back, maintain a low profile, and prepare in secret so that you can go all out on a conquest spree later on.

If some associations need to be severed, do so without animosity or regret – accepting change as a natural course of things in life. Avoid risky investments and unnecessary quarrels, and conserve your resources.

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