Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (3rd June - 9th June, '13)

With Sun, Mars, and Jupiter on your 4th house, there could be preoccupation with managing your properties and investments, setting up or redecoration of a current residence/work place, or acquisition of gadgets to make your life more comfortable. As Venus ruling your 3rd and 8th houses transits your 5th house, sudden developments are possible in romance – either formation of a union or a break-up! In either case, it will be for your best. You will excel in written communication and networking with people, and you may be required to play peace-maker at home or at work during this period.

Medium-term investments are favoured now; don’t go for ultra-long-term locking of funds or short-term speculative attempts this week. Words may flow out of your mouth appropriately and sometimes prophetically….use this power responsibly and intelligently.

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