Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (24th June - 30th June, '13)

You will be under mixed planetary signals... While Sun in your 8th house urges you to introspect, concentrate on practicalities, and be practical in your dealings, Venus moving into your solar 9th house gives you a taste for the exotic and untried aspects of life. Your romantic choices during this period can be unconventional or radical in some way. Mercury moving in your 8th house turns retrograde on June 26th. This highlights the need to be careful while dealing with other people’s finances, while standing surety for others, and while raising new loans. Risky financial activities are to be totally avoided. Don’t rely on others making the right choices in joint business activities as they may fail in their roles and you may end up spending valuable resources/time in setting matters right. A tricky period on the cards.

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