Friday, 12 April 2013

Pisces Detailed Horoscope for April


Due to the support of superiors your work will run smoothly. In the second half of the month the effort you will put in towards your business venture or work project is bound to bring in fruitful results. Plans formulated by Government officials and your superiors will actually help your work be successful. There is a possibility that your familial life and its stresses may affect your work life. If a person tries to bribe you then do not accept it.


This month is not so good when it comes to education; there is a chance that you may not get expected results of your academic labour. Due to non achievement of desired results you may be stressed. Be careful while driving a vehicle.


In the first half of this month there are good chances of wealth accumulation. Your hard-work and efforts will be rewarded. Earnings profits will in turn help your buy luxury and household goods. This is a good time to invest money in real estate.


Headaches and blood pressure related maladies may bother you. Do not over eat and be careful of what you’re eating and drinking. Stomach related infections can occur and weather change can cause allergies.


In this month it would be beneficial to maintain pleasant relations with your friends. You may make new friends. Try and stay away from negative love matches.