Friday, 12 April 2013

Sagittarius Detailed Horoscope for April


You will be highly competent in this month even though work and business will bring in only average profits. Mental frustration and stress can become an obstacle and may keep you from finishing off your projects. While taking decisions consult your superiors and experts and take their advice into consideration.


This can be a stressful month for students. Taking hasty decisions or taking decisions under duress will be counterproductive. You may go astray and your academics will suffer.


In the first half of this month you may have to struggle a lot to reel in monetary profits. The second half of the month brings improvements.


You may feel indecisive and confused. There will be a constant battle raging between your heart and brain, so to say. Depression may rear its ugly head in your direction.


In this month one of your friends may go away from you. You will make a new friend. This month will be stable and happy, overall.