Friday, 12 April 2013

Leo Detailed Horoscope for April


This is an excellent month from the point of view of your income. You will be victorious over your adversaries. Benefits can be acquired through construction and other such works as well as from promotions. Legal difficulties may arise and you might lose confidence.


This month will yield excellent results. Your hard-work will not go to waste and will in fact be rewarded.  You will take an interest in science. Your good results and academic confidence will bring in happiness for your family.


This month is really excellent for the growth of your income and finances. You will have the comfort and luxury of all things grand. Your expenses will be on legal matters and auspicious ceremonies.


Take necessary precautions in this month to ensure good health. Stomach infections, allergies and blood related diseases will give you a hard time. Be careful when driving a vehicle.


Overall this month will be happy. You will have the support of the opposite sex. There will be a joy in your interactions with the opposite sex. Your friendship with a specific person will be beneficial.