Sunday, 28 April 2013

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (29th April - 5th May, 2013)

Experimentation, exploration, and entertainment will be the focus of planetary energies this week. However, as the stelium in your solar 9th house forms dissonant aspect with Neptune in the 7th house, this will be an active period with potential for big success and improvement, BUT scattered with pitfalls caused by delusions/ misunderstandings. Whether you will be successful or not depends to a great degree on whether you manage to side-step the pitfalls.

Avoid making grand promises in a moment of exhilaration, and be judiciously sceptical about grand promises made to you by others. This is not the best of times to begin a new relationship, and in existing relationships you must keep communication clear and unambiguous. Money will come easily – but you must be careful about how to spend it!