Friday, 12 April 2013

Gemini Detailed Horoscope for April


This month is going to be fruitful. Your destiny will shine upon you. Those looking for employment can expect to hear good news. In the second half of the month those already employed can expect a promotion. New contracts will be signed upon. Those involved in businesses will have a profitable month although competitors will try to stir some trouble. A sort of baseless fear will take hold of you and make you restless.


This month will be very fruitful. To achieve success in academic competitions and examinations you will have to put in a lot of hard-work. You can expect to hear some good news. Be careful as you may get bruised and bashed up a little.


New channels for wealth accumulation will open up. Put all your fears to rest and proceed towards your work projects with a new force. Destiny will shine upon you and help you achieve glory.


This month is going to be stressful. Avoid getting caught up in stressful situations as it will have a hampering affect on your thought process. Diseases that occur because of weather change such as, headaches, fever and other allergies can become a possibility. Water borne diseases and blood related infections may bother you.


This month is not that favourable for getting caught up in and romance. You will feel restless and some doubts will crawl into your head and won’t let go. Travelling is on the cards.