Sunday, 30 December 2012

Weekly Predictions... Aries (31 Dec,'12 - 6 Jan,'13)

We just can’t get rid of Uranus and Pluto. They are the unwanted guests who hang around creating a lot of work, if not considerable hassle, for us all. However, there is a certain poetry in the way this configuration etches itself into the New Year since the process of demolition and re-building – a theme at the heart of Uranus and Pluto - continues in force throughout 2013.

It is a process we will see in world events and, of course, in our own lives. I like to think of this era as a Renaissance: out of the ashes of the old great new movements are being born.

But like all such periods, we cannot fully appreciate their shape and texture; it takes history to do that. So, whatever your week brings in the way of revolutionary developments and brave new ideas, never forget you are helping to re-shape the world. Happy New Year!