Saturday, 6 July 2013


Just Jyotish is now LIVE!

Well... not so much alive as LIVE! Was trying to go for a pun there but totally screwed that up! So without further ado, let us inform you all that our website: is now live!

You can find all astrology related services on it! To name a few: Free Horoscopes, Love Compatibility, Marriage Compatibility, Business Compatibility, Financial Reports, Business Reports and so much more! You can even call up our nifty team of astrologer's (Our Astromen) and get a consultation! We even have a package designed specifically for Corporates! No lie!

There are a ton of astrological services on Just Jyotish that will help you get through any and all of life's problems! Don't be shy just click on the link and have at it!

If you wish to know what Just Jyotish is all about here's the info straight from our Head Astrologer's mouth!

PS: Testing is still on so you will not be able to purchase any services as of now. Don't fret, it's only because we want the best and most hassle free shopping experience for you that we are carrying out the tests! Come next week and you can shop till you drop!