Thursday, 1 March 2012

Compatibility! (Aquarius-Aquarius)

Aquarius with Aquarius

Here Aquarius finally finds just the right mate in the other Aquarian. No where on the planet is any combination more compatible then the Aquarian pair. They have understanding in each other that baffles and is maddening to others. This type of couple one meets in the out of the way places of the world doing research together. Many of the early missionaries were Aquarian couples or those who had strong Aquarius aspects in their horoscopes. Here is the perfect combination of the Aquarian age.

Put two people together who thrive on the unpredictable, the new and the unique and you have two people who understand each other. But even Aquarius can be startled and thrown off by surprising and unexpected developments.

These two will click or despise one another from the get go. They are very similar and are considered the revolutionaries of the zodiac. Both will be innovative, independent and desire sexual stimulation at all times. Here is where problems can arise.

If the attraction is powerful enough to sustain heated disagreements, then both should go for it. Challenge on a mental and sexual note will never fade no matter what they would like to believe.