Thursday, 1 March 2012

Compatibility! (Pisces-Capricorn)

Pisces with Capricorn

A sympathetic and understanding mate will Capricorn find in Pisces, and the steady going temperament of Capricorn is just what Pisces needs for a sense of confidence and security. Sexual needs and social goals are compatible and very similar. One of the things that Pisces will admire about Capricorn is his very practical ways. With Capricorn learning that Pisces' dependence grows more with the years, this will fulfill Capricorn's desire to be needed. This combination seems to work very well.

This is a good combination with complimentary values. They will find comfort in one another providing Capricorn displays his/her emotions at least once in awhile.

Capricorn is drawn to Pisces like a moth to a flame. There is something about outgoing Pisces that Capricorn secretly admires.

Pisces is attracted to Capricorn subtle but powerful sex appeal. There will be an instant friendship and sexual relationship that will never get boring. Sexy Pisces will take Capricorn by surprise and he or she may want to skip work for a change. Capricorn will learn what it’s like to date the homecoming king/queen with Pisces. Pisces will provide emotional support and security during the highs and the lows and Capricorn must have this in a relationship. Sex will only get better and the relationship may lead to marriage. Try it out for yourselves. If Capricorn plays mind games, Pisces will swim away.

Pisces needs sexual satisfaction from any partner in love. And that includes you, Capricorn!