Thursday, 1 March 2012

Compatibility! (Pisces-Pisces)

Pisces with Pisces

With these two signs having the same virtues and vices they should get along well together, at least they will have understanding and sympathy for one another. Both have the same interests and the same love of home and possessions. The only possible drawback is a drifting too far from practical realities. At least both can be anchored to each other, so that they can put their shoulders to the wheel and face the responsibilities that reality demands. They have the refinement and delicacy that each desires in love, so all in all, this should be a good combination.

A double dose of intuition, dreams, emotion and fantasy. So where is the logic?. Who needs it? Could be too much alike to avoid confusion and disarray in the relationship. Maybe you could get an advisor to handle those nagging day to day matters that so often slip your minds.

This has the potential to work but both are so sensitive and psychic that they could come to wish they didn’t know how to read each others minds after all. Some relationships need a little mystery.

At first they will feel they have found love. They will share psychic experiences and secrets together. They both agree on sex, love and devotion to significant others. Pisces feel their emotions on a psychic level. This could be beneficial to the relationship or it could backfire. Emotions will dominate and when they don’t agree on sexual or emotional matters, self-destructive episodes will enter the picture. Outside interests can keep the relationship balanced but there is an element of deception with family members and close associates in this attraction. If they want to make it work, they should both be in the same profession or have very similar interests and be extremely understanding of one another.

Downplay the drama, deal with highs and lows, and realize that no relationship is perfect. The choice is up to both of you!