Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (Feb 18 - Feb 24,'13)

The pace of life quickens as the energizing sun moves into your communication zone this week, putting you in more frequent contact with people. But the sun’s rendezvous with disorienting Neptune and mental Mercury’s retrograde motion spell confusion and crossed wires. Your brain is buzzing, but the information you’re getting and giving may not be altogether straightforward and accurate. And when your ruler Saturn goes retrograde as well, you’ll feel the frustration of things not going according to plan, a state of affairs that’s anathema to Caps. Instead of resisting this shift, adjust to it by making full use of your imagination, your creativity and your intuition. Revisit things in your head, but don’t push for progress on them. Put active networking on hold in favor of restructuring what’s next.