Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (Feb 18 - Feb 24,'13)

The sun’s merger with Neptune and Mercury’s entry into its retrograde phase both take place in your self-expression house this week, while Saturn turns retrograde in your sign. The consequent introspective mood may make you seem a bit narcissistic, but a certain amount of navel-gazing is necessary for your growth. You’ll withdraw even further than you already have, in order to work on boundary issues and develop your inner authority. You’ll feel a diminishment of the ego as you come to grips with your inability to control some things. And you’ll experience a continued isolation as you grapple with a loss or depression or the feeling of being trapped. Your knowledge of aloneness is countered by the temptation to yearn hopelessly for ideal love. Communication—especially with a love interest or a child—is difficult now, and you may instead end up going over and over a conversation in your head. Rather than immersing yourself in melancholy or daydreams, probe your metamorphosing true self to find the germinating seed that’s crucial to getting unstuck.