Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (Feb 11 - Feb 17,'13)

Relational Venus in your emotional-foundation angle collides with entrenched Saturn in your sign, putting a barrier between you and your family, you and your past or you and your emotions. But Mercury and Mars (your co-ruler) in your love sector are in sync with Saturn as well as Pluto (your primary ruling planet) who’s been transiting your cognition-and-communication zone. You need to be true to yourself now by saying and doing what’s in your heart. Playing down your strength and your passion would only impede the maturation process you’re undergoing. You have a chance to think and speak in a remarkably empowered way if you simply have the integrity to express the real you. You’ve been learning the hard way what you’re made of, and anything that comes from the heart this week will serve your growth and ease the pain.