Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (Feb 11 - Feb 17,'13)

Covetous Venus is hiding out in your subconscious sector, stirring up a desire that you may not be aware of. Saturn puts the kibosh on what you want this week, when pragmatism appears to triumph over longing. But you’ve got two not-so-secret weapons, in the form of astute Mercury and brave Mars traveling through your sign. Mercury and Mars figure out how to deal with cynical Saturn in your perspective house, as well as daunting Pluto in your group zone, helping you to think and act in a more authoritative, empowered way. Put your energy into networking, educating yourself and giving your dreams more structure and force. You have an opportunity now to score major contacts and build a winning game plan, so stop daydreaming and start doing!