Monday, 4 March 2013

Aquarius Detailed Horoscope for March


March: In the first half of this month you will have to run around because of work commitments. The second half of this will bring improvements. Work and business will bring in profits and success.


March: This month is good for those pursuing academics. You may feel a loss of self confidence which will hamper your studies but with dedicated hard-work and unwavering focus you will be able to accomplish all your academic goals.


March: In this month you will incur unnecessary expenses. Your expense will be on luxury goods. You will have enough opportunities to accumulate wealth in the second half of this month though.


March: Your physical health will be fine. You may suffer from some lung infections and may experience difficulty is breathing.


March: This month is quite ordinary for love and romance. You will splurge money on your friends.

Personal Life

March: You will be stressed this month and will experience some uneasiness. Children will have a prosperous month. Your adversaries will try to spread rumours about you hence bringing harm to your reputation.