Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekly Predictions... Libra (11 - 17 March,'13)

You’ll be relieved to hear that Mercury turns direct in your job zone this week, improving your effectiveness at work and your communication with colleagues. That same part of your chart concerns self-improvement such as habits, diet and fitness, daily time-management, and skills. A new moon combines with three other planets there earlier in the week, calling for a new approach to those issues. What key change can you make to your schedule or your health regimen that comes from a place of positive self-esteem? Or how can you hone your craft and in turn feel better about yourself? On a different note, feisty Mars marches into your partnership house now, increasing assertiveness in your one-on-one relations. Be mindful of the Libran tendency toward passive-aggressiveness, which causes you to project aggression onto others and provoke it in them. If you’re aware of the possibility, you can check yourself when you notice it.