Monday, 4 March 2013

Capricorn Detailed Horoscope for March


March: The first half of this month brings profits galore. This time of the month is favourable for work and business progress and success. Even in the second half of this month profits will flow in.


March: This month is really excellent for those pursuing academics. Your studies will bring positive results. Participating in academic competitions is constructive. You may be granted a scholarship or an honour of some sort.


March: In this month your expenses will be quite ordinary. You will have enough opportunities to accumulate wealth. In the first half of the month your financial profits may go up suddenly.


March: Your physical health will be fine in this month. Allergies, cough, skin infections and blood related infections may rise.


March: This month can be favourable for pursuing romance. Do not get overwhelmed by things around you and keep a check on your passions.

Personal Life

March: This time is really favourable for your parents and children. You can expect to hear some good news. You will be victorious over your enemies.