Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (11 - 17 March,'13)

With a receptive new moon joining forces with the vitalizing sun, amicable Venus and bold Mars in your mindset zone this week, you need to take an attitude of open-ended curiosity toward your feelings and desires. This lunation could generate fresh ideas in your mind about what you need and want and how other people can help you to grow. Your thoughts and communication have been directed inward lately, with cerebral Mercury backtracking in subjective Pisces. Hopefully, you’ve made the most of Mercury’s retrograde period (which ends later in the week) by paying more attention to your intuition. Incorporate that touchy-feely thinking before you act on your ideas and try to express them. You’ll find that different areas of your life can benefit from a more layered, less simplistic perspective.