Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekly Predictions... Leo (11 - 17 March,'13)

When your ruling planet the sun conjoins the moon about once a month, we officially have a new moon. This week’s new moon occurs in your sharing sector and links up with Venus and Mars, congregating the planets’ respective energies around issues of intimacy and trust. The sun represents the ego identity, while the moon rules feelings and needs. Venus symbolizes the attraction principle, and Mars the modus operandi. Who are you in your close relationships, and how do they make you feel? Are you getting what you need and want? And how do you go about doing that? You can foster a stronger attachment with a partner—romantic or business—or a friend now if you’re open to it. And ironically, you’ll get a whiff of independence when Mars charges into your journeys house, making you want to go places and meet different people.