Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (11 - 17 March,'13)

It’s time to take (another!) look at your finances, when the new moon in your worth sector forebodes a new beginning in your approach to money matters. The moon calls your attention to what you need, and its collaboration with the egoistic sun, valuable Venus and assertive Mars further asks how you identify with your resources, how you value them and what you’re doing about them.  The moon’s karmic north node in your goals angle gets in on the action as well, asking how your career path feeds into your financial situation. With mental Mercury going direct in this sector, your thinking should start to become sharper again, and a financial deal could move forward. Your best bet is to try to assess your current state of affairs and your future strategy both realistically and imaginatively, without letting creative thinking veer into fantasyland.