Sunday, 3 March 2013

Gemini Detailed Horoscope for March


March: This month is going to be really busy. There won’t be enough time and too much work which will become the cause of your stress. Those involved in trade businesses will also have a tough time, some government divisions may put obstacles in your path.


March: This time will be very challenging for those involved in academics. It is really important to keep your focus and concentration fixed on the goal. Keep a check on your anger. Dedicated hard-work will help you in achieving your goals.


March: This month points towards great profits and prosperity. You may incur sudden expenses but there will be no loss of money as your income will be high as compared to your expenditure.


March: Your health may suffer a bit. Water borne and blood disorders may plague you. Fever and headaches are also a possibility and so is cough.


March: Your friendships will strengthen. This time does require you to be cautious though. You will be attracted towards the opposite sex more so than usual.

Personal Life

March: Health and happiness will shine upon you. Your children may face some obstacles. You will be victorious over your competitors. Friends and family can have arguments amongst themselves. Your mother’s health will be fine but your father’s health may suffer. Also take care of your life partner’s health.