Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (11 - 17 March,'13)

You get another much-needed reminder this week that all the heavy changes you’re going through should ultimately pertain to what’s in your heart, when a new moon lands in your joy sector, planting a seed for love and happiness. The moon’s meet-up with the vibrant sun, desirous Venus and go-for-it Mars urges you to honor what makes you feel alive, what you want and what you would do if you could. Let the joyous spirit of this lunation mix with the darker tone of this period in your life. Embrace the truth that authentic self-expression and personal fulfillment are not frivolous, but essential. Your creativity is roused by Mercury’s forward motion, compelling you to write about or talk about a passion that’s been marinating. When Mars forges ahead into your self-improvement sector, get enthused to work harder, conquer bad habits and make healthful changes.