Friday, 31 May 2013

June Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

The result of this month will be excellent. Your physical health will remain excellent. Opportunities which will help your wealth to grow will open up for you. All the signs indicate overall growth and prosperity.

The first week will bring with profits from small and subsidiary tasks. Your parents’ health will remain good. This time is really excellent for your mother. Your children will be happy and healthy.

Second week onwards work and business will become a little slow. Your expenses will rise a bit and you may come under attack from your enemies. Fear can take hold of you, on the other hand though this time will be highly beneficial for students. Concentrating our energy on academics will yield good results.

Astromen say that this time is really favourable for tackling love and love related issues. In the third week your stress can cause you to argue with someone, it would be beneficial to take things slow and to not get into arguments. Eye and throat related infections could plague you. You could come into sudden monetary gains.

The fourth week brings with it a rise in your status as well as victory over your enemies. Your profits will increase, there will be overall success and prosperity and legal battles will be resolved in your favour.

The days 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 19, 20, 23, and 24 June are inauspicious. It is advisable to take things slow.

Donating iron, sesame seeds, sapt-dhaan (the seven grains: wheat, gram, barley, rice, lentil, green gram, kangani), oil, and woollens will bring in prosperity.

Favourable colour of the Month: White

Mantra of the Month: शं शनिश्चराय नमः।

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