Sunday, 19 May 2013

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (20th May - 26th May, '13)

Sun enters your solar 2nd house on May 20th joining the solar 2nd house lord – Mercury and your sun sign lord Venus placed there already. This can shift the focus towards financial strategies, business negotiations, and managing transactions intelligently. You are likely to be prudent and analytical in your approach to all matters though there are times this week when debt-related issues or arguments related to joint finances may threaten to spoil the rhythm of things.

The tendency to spend too much triggered by deep-seated insecurities/frustrations (ego-shopping) must be consciously curbed to avoid imbalance between inflows and outflows. Your conversations will tend to be practical and to the point. In romance too, you won’t chase elusive mates but would prefer relationships based on solid trust and mutual respect.