Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (13th May - 19th May, '13)

Mercury – your solar 10th house lord enters your 10th house on May 15th, joining Venus and Jupiter placed there already. This conjunction of Venus – your 9th house lord and Mercury – your 10th house lord sets you up for major achievements/recognition this week. There could be some minor irritations to handle in the professional front, but if you rely on your intuition/ hunches while taking major career decisions, you won’t go wrong. This period is also excellent for indulging in self-improvement activities.

You may consider signing major contracts/negotiations settlements this week as you are likely to be in the best frame of mind to take such decisions. As long as you manage to keep sentiments away while taking career decisions, there is nothing that can go wrong for you this week.

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