Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekly Predictions... Leo (27th May - 2nd June, '13)

You are likely to be feeling lighthearted, cosmopolitan, open-minded, and social than at other times. New connections can be made now, and your existing networks will play a crucial role in your success script. Even intrinsically, you are likely to feel at your best in social settings. Follow your dreams and have the courage to implement your original and progressive ideas now. In romantic sector, much fun is anticipated though your interactions could be slightly superficial and fun-oriented rather than stability-oriented.

It is better to just go with the flow for a while before trying to identify the best long-term partner for your life instead of being carried away by infatuations and then regret the decision later. In career matters, there won’t be any shortage of motivation or energy to pursue your goals. Avoid taking sensitive decisions on 28th, and 29th.