Sunday, 19 May 2013

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (May 20th - May 26th, '13)

Sun enters your solar 8th house – the sector ruling transformation, personal growth, addictions, other’s resources and taxes. So, this period is not likely to be a gregarious one – rather you might need to focus on practicalities of life – like filing your tax returns, handling legacy settlements, negotiating partnership deals/sharing of profits with others, and focusing inside yourself to weed out undesirable dependencies/behavior patterns. On the positive side, this period is excellent for research-oriented activities and for personal transformation of a high order – where you might be able to sublimate your baser instincts and redirect your energies towards achievement of higher goals in life.

There could be more than ordinary luck in occult matters, and you might be able to attain rare psychic faculties if you have been making efforts in that direction.

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