Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (27th May - 2nd June, '13)

You should follow your own inner feelings/hunches regarding career matters as your methodical mind might have already figured out the best way of doing things based on past experiences. Virgo natives are generally not that lucky when it comes to garnering attention and bagging recognition – but planetary influences of the current period indicate that you may be in spotlight and in the centre of things for a while.

Those in higher positions will admire your talents and productivity, while those at your level and below will give you respect and support. There could be more chances to socialize and network while at work. You – on your part – will be attracted towards people whom you perceive as competent and no-frills type. Financial luck is good this week. 27th and 28th are sensitive days. Rest of the week is okay for you.

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