Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (13th May - 19th May, '13)

Lot of important things will be brewing in the background in your life. You may need to use all your skills consistently in response to various events that shape up around you now to lay the foundation for your future success. If you are preparing for competitive exams, Goddess Fortune smiles benevolently upon your efforts. You won’t be in too enthusiastic about romantic conquests now – as your mind might be preoccupied with handling other important tasks, but unexpected positive developments are possible in relationship matters much to your surprise.

The hectic pace of activities may affect your nerves if you don’t take conscious efforts to unwind yourself with good rest, optimal dose of exercise, and recreational activities. Strive to avoid absent-minded errors on 18th and 19th, and you will do exceptionally well.