Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (13th May - 19th May, '13)

Try getting your ideas vetted by trusted well-wishers or neutral experts in your field to identify flaws that you might have overlooked. Working in close consultation with others will be in your best interests now. With Mercury moving into your 8th house, you may need to cut down on extravagances and concentrate on practicalities. This won’t be too difficult for you – as working silently behind the screens with the aim of achieving long-term goals is second nature to Scorpio natives! Your interest in occult matters and achievement potential therein will be high – even by Scorpionic standards of excellence in occult matters.

You may put this productive use by motivating others who have let their spirits sink down in depressive moods, or in trying to alter things that are not moving along a desirable course.

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