Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (27th May - 2nd June, '13)

You may be preoccupied with feelings of security, domestic stability and your inner experiences. You may need to play a crucial role in settling some domestic issue or in helping out a distressed family member. Negatively, this might play out as an ego-tussle with close family members.

Steer clear off ego struggles even if others provoke you into angry arguments. Focus on building a strong foundation for your life in whatever way you deem best - could be improving your educational qualifications, indulging in self-improvement activities, liaising with trusted family friends, or improving your core strength for life in some way. Harness your energies responsibly and you will find that you will be ready to jump the springboard to unalloyed success from that strong base you have built for yourself!

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