Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Compatibility! (Cancer-Aries)

Cancer with Aries

This combination is usually hard to match. Cancerian’s are ruled by the moon, making them moody, sentimental and secretive. Their tendency is to live in the past, and they have a difficult time forgetting serious quarrels or disagreement that may occur early in marriage. Ever heard the saying that "If you make it through the first year the rest is easy."? This is true of this couple. The secretive nature of Cancer has the potential of clashing with the openness of Aries. Though Aries can be moody too, it is not quite as bad as Cancer. What happens when you get two moody people living together? Chaos! OR Balance... That's right, one can counteract the other.

Example: Aries is in a great mood, but Cancer is not. The Aries may "cheer up" the cancer thus creating a balance. (Of course, this could be reversed, making it risky.)

What may be of little concern to an Arien, may be very traumatic block to Cancer. Though the Cancerian holds on with the tendencies of a crab, he has a tendency to back away from situations which may have been hurtful in the past.

This is an interesting combination that works out more than most people would think. Many sexual relationships and love affairs occur when nurturing Cancer meets sexy and ultra confident Aries. Sparks fly when Cancer gives Aries the encouragement and adoration they need. Aries sees both a future and a family in Cancer and cannot help but admire their sensuality and loyalty to others.

Cancer in turn gives Aries domestic tranquility and security in both business and family relations. Aries gives Cancer romance, passion and sex they have always dreamed of. Aries can also help shy withdrawn Cancer out of his or her shell and propel this sign into the limelight where both can shine. Friends and past loves will be fascinated and slightly jealous by how nicely they balance each other out. These two could establish a beautiful home together. Aries will lighten up Cancer’s life while Cancer provides the sexual stimulation Aries has been seeking. Cancer will always be in tune with others feelings, including Aries!

Aries can teach Cancer that confidence will get them anywhere and everywhere they want to go.